5 Amazing Outdoor Wood Bench Plans

Outdoor wood bench plans. When Spring arrives, buds and blossoms, as well as verdant surroundings, create a gorgeous backdrop. You just want to take in the fresh air and sit amid the new life. Making your outside seat is the perfect way to do it. You may make your own outdoor bench and sit on a bench that you constructed for the months and years to come with some materials, time, and these DIY outdoor seat ideas. 

There are a number of free bench plans available to help you create a bench for any area in your house or beyond one patio or balcony. One will have a high-quality bench that will set you back much less than the one at a furniture store when you’re done.

The free bench designs contain all of the information you’ll need to plan and complete your bench project. This beginning woodworking project will take you through blueprints, step-by-step instructions, cut lists, material lists, and diagrams, allowing you to construct your bench in an afternoon or two.


black and blue wooden bench


Garden furnishings like benches are ideal companions in the garden. They are a fantastic addition to porches, terraces, and backyard sitting areas.

Garden benches are also a popular option for many people because they are lightweight, compact, and can be moved around easily. They’re also portable, so you may store them anywhere. If you want to add garden seats to your yard, these design and do-it-yourself ideas will definitely make a statement.

After a few chilly winter months, it’s time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful spring air and fresh greenery while choosing the kind of project that will give one a boost in one direction an outdoor couch that can be placed on the patio, in the garden, or next to a fire pit.

There are a number of bench designs available below, each with and without backs. They are constructed of a variety of wood and several are painted but others are stained. I’m sure you will discover the ideal bench plan for your house if you look at all these choices.

Amazing Outdoor Wood Bench Plans

brown pot with green plant on wooden bench

Simple Wood Bench

This rustic wooden bench has a quick-cutting rough-dressed maple top that gives it a modern rustic aesthetic. The finished bench is positioned in the entryway above, but this bench would look great in any area of your home, both inside and out. This lovely chair includes a tools and materials list, step-by-step written instructions, and color photographs that will walk you through each stage of construction.

Shoe Storage Bench Plan

This contemporary bench may be used both inside and outside with elegance. It has slatted boards that give it a Mid-Century look. This gorgeous bench will cost you much less to make than if you bought it new in the shop. The instructions include a materials list, step-by-step instructions, and plenty of images throughout to assist you with your project.

Chesapeake Bench Inspired By Pottery Barn

This kind of design is confidential’s free bench plan for constructing a 39″ Chesapeake Banquette (the bigger version). The overall cost of this project is estimated to be less than $25.

This bench may be used alone or in conjunction with a dining table, a farmhouse table, or a picnic table. Everything you will need is outlined ahead of time, which is fantastic; the tools, timber, supplies, and cutting list – everything you’ll need to construct the bench. The Design Confidential is one of the finest places to get woodworking plans for free since the instructions are very detailed, as well as pictures illustrating the precise piece of the bench that each step talks about.

Simple Board Bench

DIY Garden Plans provides a free bench design that you may download and print. This bench, as seen in the picture, isn’t complicated at all, so it should be a great task for anybody starting out.

The bench is 5′ long and stands about 1.5′ tall from the floor. It requires only a single 8′ long 2×12, an 8′ long 2×4, and three 1/2″ deck screws. A PDF file is provided at the bottom of the DIY Garden Plans web page with a few short directions. This plan has only a few steps, which is excellent since it suggests that the bench is simple to put together.

Knock-Off Bench: West Elm

One of the greatest DIY projects is one that copies an item you don’t want to purchase yourself, such as this $16 imitation of an $800 bench. Before the procedures are outlined, there’s a materials and tools list; double-check it to ensure you have everything necessary to get started.

The process for building this bench is actually quite simple. There are just a few pieces, and the instructions should be straightforward for anyone with even the most basic knowledge of carpentry.

Expect to complete the project in around 6 hours after building the bench and waiting for it to dry.

Simple And Fun Ideas To Create An Outdoor Bench For Your Garden

This colorful garden bench was created from repurposed pallet boards. Before we get into specifics, we’d like to emphasize that all of the projects on this list may be done with salvaged materials and are inexpensive and simple to produce. We’ll start with this bright garden seat, which was constructed using reclaimed wood pallets. First, you must take down the pallet and line up the boards before cutting them all to size. You may use any leftover wood from other projects or go to the lumber store right away and get some. The most enjoyable aspect of this project is when you’re finished with the bench: it’s time to paint the boards!


In general, constructing a bench is a very simple project. The procedure is most likely straightforward to follow, especially if you have something like this as a guide!

We hope these ideas will assist you in making your vision a reality. You may invest in high-quality bench components, just like the futuristic metal outdoor stool we previously mentioned if you have the money. If you want to go the DIY route, we’re sure you won’t run out of options! You might as well take a cue from the projects we’ve highlighted above.

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