7 ATV Safety Tips to Avoid Accidents | Are ATV Safe?

You cannot deny the excitement you get when riding an ATV. It?s different than a bike and a car, so people love it. Owners take them out for a ride on weekends and holidays.

Not only adults but kids also love to drive it. ATV comes in different sizes. It does not entertain adults only as said earlier. Parents can get it for their children as well. This way, ATV has a large audience.

Now, in the fun it provides, people should not forget safety.

As you may know, accidents in ATV can be hazardous due to its body structure; it is entirely open to an accident can cause severe injury.

To prevent these injuries, owners should be aware of ATV safety tips:

1. Wear Protective Gear

Protecting gear is a necessity. It includes helmet, eye protective glasses, and appropriate clothing. The rider should always wear these protective gears before riding an ATV.

The helmet should be your priority. In case of an accident, your helmet significantly reduces the risk of any severe injury.

Be sure to select a helmet that fits your size and has a sturdy built.

As ATVs are open, dust can quickly enter the rider?s eye. Even a small dirt particle can irritate the rider and cause an accident.

You need to have protective eyeglasses to keep yourself safe from any injury.

Appropriate clothing is an essential ingredient in every field; may it be a formal dinner, a party, a meeting or riding an ATV.

Appropriate clothing for ATV would be full sleeves shirt, full-length trousers, heavy over-the-ankle boots, and gloves.

It would provide safety from any scratch. The glove would provide best ATV grips.

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2. Avoid Paved Surfaces

After a survey by Consumer Federation of America between 1998 and 2006, over 60% of all the ATV accidents occurred on paved roads.

There are many reasons why ATV should not be driven on paved surfaces. ATVs are made for off-road trips.

The tires installed in them are off-road, so they offer low pressure and narrow track. This makes them perfect for off-road trips while unstable for paved roads like highways.

ATVs don?t meet the lighting regulations. Most of them do not have headlights while many lack brake lights, indicators, and reverse lights.

In addition to that, due to its small size, they are not visible on the road by many drivers and hence, can cause serious accidents.

3. Inspect your ATV thoroughly

It is always instructed to invest your vehicle before a trip thoroughly. This rule is followed before the plane?s flight.

A pilot inspects the plane and checks each and everything before the flight. This should be a policy before riding an ATV as well.

You should give a thorough inspection to your ATV; tire pressure, brakes, oil, and electrical components.

It is always advisable to do so.

4. Never Ride Alone

This tip is necessary for children under 16. Never let children ride ATV alone. They can quickly lose control and involve themselves in an accident.

They should always be monitored during their ride. For even better safety, an adult should always be riding with them for the provision of any assistance.

5. Stay Alert

You can easily fall off an ATV due to its structure. It can topple down as well.

You need to stay alert all the time to prevent an accident. Stop driving as soon as you start feeling tired.

It is not advisable to drive in such condition.

Even if you think that you are alert, keep a keen check on your surroundings. Other may hit you in their unconsciousness.

6. Right Size

ATVs come in various sizes as discussed above. They entertain people of all ages starting from 9-10 years till the age you are energetic.

You should pick the right size to have a safe trip each time you have to ride it.

An ATV too big or too small both can be dangerous.

They will surely cost differently, but safety is way more important than money.

7. Ride within Capabilities

Overconfidence always pulls you down. You can never go away with it. Never think that you can perform every stunt with proficiency.

We all know our capabilities, and we should never try anything beyond that.

Yes, I know it is fun to try new things but make sure you have full control of your vehicle.


After adopting these tips, you can surely avoid accidents and safely enjoy the ride of ATV.

You have complete access to your ATV, but you should never cash it out.

Just remember that your life is essential. These tips will not make you uncool.

All cool ATV riders do follow these tips, and they never compromise safety over anything. You too should do the same.

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