8 Best Air Ratchets Reviews 2022 | For You to Choose From

We have done in-depth research on air ratchets and finally shortlisted the top 8 air ratchets for you to choose from. You can thank us later for this.

Once you read all the reviews about the air ratchets we have for you, you can easily decide which of these will suit you and your work best.

It doesn’t matter if you work in an automotive, engineering or industrial capacity, or you just want to accomplish do it yourself jobs, these air ratchets will come in handy.

We want you to put in less effort and get the most out of it with the help of our best air ratchets.

The compact size of these air ratchets help you through intricate work in small spaces. There use can be adjusted by the variable speed mode giving you full control over your work.

The air ratchets we shortlisted for you are all quality built that supplies appropriate torque for your precise applications, and is designed for extensive use.

Air powered ratchets are always better than the battery powered ratchets and that?s why you are here as well.

If you ever have used a ratchet before, you might want to consider buying an air ratchet for yourself and your work.

Air ratchets are much more advanced than the normal ratchets as they help you in tightening and loosening nuts and bolts much quicker and with less effort.

There are many things to consider when buying an air powered ratchet for use. You need to check for the built quality, torque, applications, variable speed limitations, and grip comfort.

Our research has got you covered because the best air powered ratchets are listed here.

These air powered ratchets are strong and will prevent accidental changing of direction in confined spaces. So your work will be risk-free and effortless.

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Buyers Guide

When buying an air ratchet, one must always do so homework research on it. Not every brand or company is offering high quality and multiple features.

Our research has determined that there are not many brands that provide the best air ratchets in the market. But those who do, have the best ones for you.

Some of the things you must be careful before buying is to know the purpose of using an air ratchet and select only the one you think is perfect for your use.

If it fits your nuts, then it is perfect. Check the built quality, design and grip because these features will allow you to work effortlessly and enjoy your work as well.

So now let’s move forward and see what the best air ratchets in the market have for you.

Top 8 Air Ratchets Reviews

So here is the list of the best air ratchets that are available in the market and ready for you to get your hands on.

We have listed their essential specs, pros, and cons that will help you through your decision. You can easily compare and choose the right one for yourself with the help of these reviews.

This review will help you even if you are a professional or a beginner trying to explore your skills.

These air powered ratchets are strong and will prevent accidental changing of direction in confined spaces. So your work will be risk free and effortless.

1. Ingersoll Rand 2317G Edge Series Ratchet Kit

One of the most valued air ratchets is the Ingersoll Rand Edge series Air Impact tool that comes with a complete ratchet tool.

This product includes a 231G air impact wrench and a 170G air ratchet wrench accompanied with a five-piece socket set. The motor provides a torque of 55-foot-pounds and 170 rpm speed.

The tool has an ergonomic design which provides the utmost comfort while using.

The design is rugged, compact and lightweight. This air powered ratchet wrench comes in a blow-molded storage case that makes it easy to carry anywhere.

Ingersoll is a global brand that provides that best solution for pneumatic tools and has always delivered the best to its users, and this is one of the best air ratchet available in the market.

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  • Easy to use.
  • High quality and long lifespan.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Lightweight.


  • The ratchet is comparatively slow.

2. Ingersoll Rand 170G 3/8-Inch Edge Series

A lightweight yet sturdy air ratchet by Ingersoll is the Rand 170G 3/8 Inch Edge Series drive that is a workhorse among all other tools.

This air ratchet delivers the power you need to get your job done without putting in much effort. The 170G can be used in a wide range of applications where assembly and disassembly of different products are required.

This tool is best to reach in to hard to reach and tight spaces. With a maximum torque of 55 ft-lb and a 170 rpm free speed, this air ratchet by Ingersoll is appropriate for all of your projects.

The ratchet has a heat treated head that ensures a longer life for the tool safeguarding your money as well.

The ergonomic grip makes it even easier to use and provides the highest level of comfort helping you to finish your tasks in lesser time with lesser effort.

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  • Powerful, lightweight and sturdy.
  • Easy to use.
  • Comfort grip.


  • Not much to say.

3. PowRyte 3/8-Inch Air Ratchet Wrench

Powryte Basic Air Ratchet wrench is one the best air ratchets for tightening and removing bolts and nuts. This tool is specially designed to help in working on engines and radiator maintenance.

It comes with a 3/8 inch drive, and the ratchet head is reinforced and heat treated with much greater sturdiness. The Powryte wrench is long-lasting and durable withstanding pressure in different circumstances.

The forward and reverse control has a wide diameter ensuring an easy grip and also ensures safety from accidents when changing directions.

The wrench works perfectly in confined spaces due to its flexibility and speed.

The wrench comes with an adjustable power mechanism enabling the switch between low, medium and high power on forwarding movement very easy and safe.

The touch control feature allows smooth control with less effort and fatigue.

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  • Easy to use.
  • Highly professional.
  • Efficient in operations.


  • Slightly heavy.

4. Ingersoll-Rand 109XPA 3/8-inch Air Ratchet

Ingersoll has always dominated the market by providing the best solutions for everyone.

Another Ingersoll?s best air ratchet is the Rand 3/8 inch Air powered wrench that is strong, effortless and durable.

The mechanism is designed in such a way that all the dust and dirt that hits your face and work area during work will be directed away. Your work will be easier than before and less dirty.

The tool gives you a torque of 70 pounds that is enough to remove any nut or bolt easily. The push button operation makes this tool even handier at the time of work providing you with more control over work.

There is one negative side of this air ratchet, and that is the size. It may not work well in confined spaces even though it has been rated among the top air ratchets in the market.

The increased size and weight are a plus point because they signify the higher manufacturing standards and mechanisms that will last almost forever.

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  • Provides more grip.
  • Works effectively by removing stubborn bolts and nuts.
  • Strong torque power.


  • Big in size.
  • Does not work in confined spaces.
  • Only for heavy duty work.

5. Ingersoll Rand 35MAX Ultra-Compact Impactool

Ingersoll has again hit the list of the best air powered ratchets and this 35MAX ultra-compact tool is one of a kind.

With a background of Ingersoll’s 100 year legacy in developing industry-leading tools, you can always rely on this air ratchet.

This durable and sturdy ratchet has been tested beyond limits to make sure that it lasts twice as long.

The twin hammer design and composite housing of the 35Max Ultra-compact impact tool, your workload, will be reduced and all your tasks will be complete in no time.

The tool has a 450 feet pounds of max reverse torque. No other tool in the market matches the speed and power of this ratchet.

The lightweight ensures that you put in less effort into your work and work for longer hours without any fatigue.

The 4.6-inch grip will allow you to reach places you have never dreamed of before. Any tough job can be completed with ease due to its ergonomic design.

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  • Compact, lightweight.
  • Durable air impact wrench.
  • Best in confined spaces.
  • Long lasting.
  • 3 power settings.
  • One-handed push button for forward and reverse.


  • Non-portable.
  • Noisy.

6. AIRCAT 1055-TH Compact 1/2″ Impact

The Aircat 1055-TH Compact ? inch impact air ratchet has made it to our best air ratchets list due to a few major features.

The air powered ratchet is light in weight because of its compact design and construction. This impact wrench is ideal for industrial and all around automotive applications.

The huge hammer mechanism provides maximum power alongside with increased reliability.

Another major feature of this wrench is the patented silencing technology that reduces noise levels to 89 dBA.

The aluminum alloy housing makes it lightweight, and the ergonomic grip is designed for comfort and control.

This air powered wrench is easy to use because it has a trigger mounted forward/reverse and power management system switch that allows one-handed control operation.

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  • Strong size.
  • Lightweight.
  • Ergonomic design.


  • Cannot be used in confined spaces.

7. PowRyte Elite 3/8-Inch Air Ratchet Wrench

PowRyte is another leading brand and has always provided great solutions for its users. The PowerLite Elite 3/8 Inch Air ratchet wrench is one of the best air ratchets for eliminating and tightening nuts and bolts.

This tool is perfect for engine and radiator maintenance.

The rocker switch for forward and reverse provides an immediate change of direction and is ideal for use.

The regulator is quickly adjustable and also combined with feather touch control lever delivering unparalleled control. The air powered ratchet includes a 360-degree air exhaust that directs air away from the user.

The air powered ratchet has a maximum torque of 50 ft-lb and a speed of 180rpm.

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  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can be used in confined spaces.


  • Low powered wrench.

8. Ingersoll Rand 107XPA 3/8-inch Air Ratchet

Ingersoll never fails to impress and also hits our list of best air ratchets for the fifth time. Ingersoll being a leading brand in the market delivers quality and durability in their products.

Just like the rest, the Rand 107XPA 3/8 inch Air Ratchet is the automotive industry’s most admired air powered ratchet. This air ratchet has an advanced head design and also carries many other amazing features.

The ratchet has a maximum torque of 50 ft-lbs with a free speed of 160 rpm. This air ratchet is light in weight as the body is made of plastic and metal both.

This wrench is one of the best-looking wrenches out there. The ergonomic design ensures comfort and lesser effort in work. This wrench is little noisy but that won’t matter when it is removing all the stubborn nuts and bolts easily for you.

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  • Enough torque for home use.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Lightweight.
  • Rugged.
  • Affordable.
  • Reliable.
  • Comfort grip and solid look.


  • Noisy.
  • Not good in sensitive jobs.

Final Verdict

To conclude, we will like to add some safety tips for you as well.

We advise that you must always wear proper gear when using these air ratchets because no matter how good they are, they can always be risky.

Accidents can always happen so take proper precautions before using air ratchets.

Read the instruction manual so that you are prepared beforehand for your work.

Once you are done with your work, always store these tools in the right area keeping them away from direct sun and rain. Water can cause fatal electric shocks as well.

We hope that our research and reviews will help you in deciding what to buy for yourself.

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2019)

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