9 Best Blow Off Valves Reviews 2022 | That Will Blow You Away

Our product analysis and market research have brought you this product guide which offers you a complete insight into the 9 best blow-off valves for you to choose to pimp your ride.

Blow off valves are becoming increasingly popular because they enhance the performance of your engine and amplify the sound as you release the throttle.

Read through this buyer?s guide to find your perfect buy and enjoy the best turbo blow off valves in the market. 

Blow off valves are purposely designed to produce a hissing sound when the air is released into the atmosphere and the shape in which it comes also amplifies the sound intentionally.

Not all blow off valves does a good job when it comes to sound, Although, we have shortlisted a few best turbo blow off valve sounds.

Moreover, the sound depends on the exit design, some of the blow-off valves are trumpet-shaped which intensifies the exit sound of the air creating a powerful impression of the car on the people around.

Today, blow off valves are widely available for all consumers and are not only used in racing cars but also many other cars are being modified which are not used for racing purposes.

It is due to the customer convenience and accessibility that people around the world are able to purchase and enjoy this product.

Multi-Purpose Usage of Blow Off Valves

Due to the advancements in technology and globalization, blow off valves offer much more than just sound or a sole purpose. It is our product review expertise that brings you some of the best turbo blow off valves currently in the market.

Many brands have developed the product to serve multi-purposes, and it is due to this reason the market for these valves has increased exponentially. An item that was, supposedly, exclusive is now widely available for all types of users.

Nowadays, blow off valves are used for many reasons and not only limited to racing cars.

This automobile device is widely recognized and acknowledged because it improves the overall performance of the vehicle and, subsequently increases the lifespan of the turbocharger as well.

The performance of the cars with blow-off valves are much better than the cars without it as user experience tells us.

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Benefits of Installing A Blow Off Valve

The most important benefit of using a blow-off valve is that it prevents the compression surge and is accountable to the turbocharged engine for higher and better performance.

The compression surge occurs when the throttle is lifted an unpleasant sound is produced because high-pressure air is trapped in the intake system by the throttle and, thus, the impact of the pressure waves creates a unique sound.

Blow off valves enhance the sound of shifting in a turbocharged car which was lacking before installing and also improve the unsatisfactory performance of the engine.

Another advantage of the valve is that it increases the life of the engine and also lowers the variable costs to run it.

As the engine?s performance improves and has value added to it, there is no further need to service the engine as often and make repairs to.

A blow-off valve prevents damage to the turbo and is accountable to keep it in pristine condition. It is this one addition to your engine that will preserve it and make your life easier and give lesser engine problems as a normal vehicle would.

Buyer’s Guide

Through our intensive product analytical and evaluation skills help us understand the different aspects and features of every product in the market.

Therefore we design a buyer?s guide for the ease of customers and making it easier for them to choose between various available products that suit their requirements and budget.

This buyer?s guide will help you choose the best turbo blow off valve for your situation and will completely make you understand the purposes of these valves.

You will be able to identify different products, their uses, durability, and quality as per their pricing and brand names.

Buying a blow-off valve is a difficult call because of the variety available, but we have made it easier than ever before to find the perfect fit for your car.

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Types of Blow Off Valves

There are not many types of blow-off valves. There are two most popular types circulating in the market, and they are;

  1. Vented Blow-off Valve: The air will be released into the atmosphere. One of its biggest plus point over all other types is that its installation is easier.
  1. Recirculated Blow-off Valve: This type of blow-off valve will recirculate the air back to the system.

Top 9 Blow Off Valve Reviews

As mentioned above, the market is full of heterogeneity and variation.

Due to the immense competition in the automobile parts industry, there are multifarious products that apparently serve a similar purpose but in-depth are a lot different from each other in every manner.

Since the market is fast-moving, new developments are being introduced all the time.

We have shortlisted a few of the exceptional products currently out on the market and reviewed them for your ease, so you choose your best buy just after reading this buyer?s guide.

All the products have their pros and cons, and it is for you to decide which suits your best need.

1. Turbosmart TS-0203-1061 Turbo Blow  Off Valve

If you are looking forward to buying a blow-off valve that is friendly to your wallet, Turbosmart TS-0203-1061 is the right option.

It will save your money exactly how it will save your engine. Along with being economical, this product offers optimum quality and functionality.

It has a sleek body which makes it easier to install and most importantly it is space efficient.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Great amplified sound.
  • Solid design.
  • Affordable price.


  • Not universally supported.
  • Lacks consistent power support.

2. GReddy (11501665) Blow-Off Valve

GReddy is a good buy that universal compatibility. Users have had an excellent experience with this product.

Although the price is similar to other options in the market, this one is surely well-built, easy to install because of its compact design and, amplifies the sound very magnificently.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Produces a great sound.
  • Firm compact design.
  • Easy installation.


  • Popularity in terms of other items is low.

3. HKS Super SQV4 Blow Off Valve Sound

This kit has some strong performance characteristics, and the current users of these products find pride to show off the crisp sound this blow-off valve produces.

Most importantly, it comes with all the parts required to install it as well as a complete guide which provides all the steps you need to know about fitting.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Amazing sound.
  • Easy installation with a guide.
  • Tough quality.


  • Other substitutes are available for a lower price.

4. Turbosmart Dual Port Universal Fit

There are two most noticeable and best features of this product. The price range is very affordable for such a quality and the sound produced is exceptionally well.

The sound it delivers after releasing the throttle is immensely impressive for its price as other products of the same kind are priced higher than this turbosmart TS-0203-1022.

It is also a very good looking and solid built blow-off valve that installs easily too because of it?s lightweight. It has a space-efficient design and doesn?t take much area when installed.

Weighing only 7 ounces, it makes it easy to hold in one place.

This product has the ability to enhance the performance of your engine and improve shifting as well as the superior sound it produces makes it a completely good purchase.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Provides value for money.
  • Premium-quality design.
  • Amazing sound.


  • None.

5. Turbosmart TS-0203-1209

This blow-off valve is a fully re-circulating one; the system re-circulates all the excess air back into the intake system.

This is a great deal for those looking for the highest performance and stability for their turbocharged engines.

It is one of the few blows off valves that provide complete reliability and has won confidence in people all over the world.

It offers greater structural flow under boost and suits explicitly to Mazda and Subaru.

Customers are satisfied with the purchase of the product and acknowledged the value of the money of this product.

It is increasingly popular amongst people who own the specific vehicle models.

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  • Extraordinary stability.
  • Exceptional sound.
  • Incredible design.
  • Value of money.


  • Model specific.

6. Turbosmart Dual Port Blow Off Valve

This blow-off valve is model specific and has dual ports, and another feature is consists of is that it has four blow off valves in one.

It is because of its high quality that it is stronger, more durable and, long-lasting than other similar products.

Its adjustable design provides a much higher boost. Featuring both the recirculating and vent-to-atmosphere ports makes it a must-consider buy when looking for options.

Although, its model specification is its only disadvantage.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Sturdy design.
  • Incredible efficiency and boost.
  • Dual-port with four valves and multi-type venting.


  • Model-specific makes it unavailable for other users of different model vehicles.
  • Installation may be a bit complex.

7. Turbosmart TS-0205-1009 Blue

Consisting of dual ports and four in one valve this blow-off valve has it all.

From a purpose-built design to multi-functional turbo engine support, you can your vehicle will be satisfied than ever.

It comes with a blanking plug, and it is a blue/silver standard edition.

The new dual ports offer a smooth run during normal drives and also while the turbocharged vehicle is gushing through the streets at top speed under full throttle.

In any case, Turbosmart TS-0205-1009 Blue Dual Port Blow Off Valve will deliver its promised performance and will leave all the viewers in awe.

The astounding sound created not only is a proud moment for the owner but also leaves an impressive mark on all the other people close by.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Robust design.
  • High powered boost and sound.
  • Multi-purpose valves.


  • Model specific and not universal.

8. Go Fast Bits Blow off Valve

This product is one of the most reasonable ones of the lot, providing the buyer with the utmost satisfaction and performance at a price so economical.

However, it is necessary for you to check its compatibility with your car. It has a solenoid coil that integrates and settles into the designated place providing sheer installation ease and is simple as a direct-fit.

A worth mentioning point is this blow-off valve?s pilot-actuated system.

This is an exclusive technology that is developed by the manufacturer, giving him a unique selling point over all the competitors in the same industry.

Developed with such technologies makes it a product that delivers high boost performance.

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  • Priced better than other blow off valves.
  • Pilot-actuated system technology.
  • Effortless installation.
  • Enormous sound.
  • Durable quality.


  • Not a universal fit.

9. TurboXS BOV-SML Blow-Off Valve

This particular blow off valve has an exclusive dual o-ring design. It offers high boost pressure capability which delivers a mighty sound and responds fast to the engine.

The design uses a soft spring which then, in turn, generates a faster response and, therefore, provides ideal performance.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Dual O-ring design.
  • Higher response rate.


  • Model specific and not universal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do turbos need to blow off valves?

When the throttle is released all of a sudden, the blow-off valve helps to discharge pressure off of the turbo.

As immense pressure would eventually lead to a failure of the turbo, having a blow-off valve, however, would improve performance.

Do superchargers need a blow off valves?

A supercharger is designed to stay on and recognize the pressure that is building up which makes the blow-off valve fruitless.

However, if your supercharger does not utilize a mass air meter and is centrifugal then having a blow-off valve is important.

Can a blow off valve damage your engine?

Blow off valve is a tool that is manufactured for the efficient performance of the turbocharger and it is therefore very essential for the proper functioning of the vehicle.

It beneficial and does not damage the engine.

What is the difference between a wastegate and a blow off valve?

The wastegate is a device that regulates the pressure of exhaust gases which have to be moved out by a valve that opens and closes.

While a blow-off valve is a tool that is manufactured to help discharge the pressure from the turbo.

They both in a sense function in the same manner but they have different jobs in the equation.

Do you need a blow off valve and a wastegate?

Having both the blow-off valve and the wastegate is advantageous as they both provide the same function to a turbo, releasing the pressure of gases to the engine.

Removing either one of the parts from the equation could potentially lead to a turbo failure or to the extreme case engine failure.

Final Verdict

Through our research, analysis, and, expertise we have identified only a few brands, as mentioned above, who are concerned to provide top-notch premium quality blow off valves for turbocharged vehicles.

These shortlisted products will do justice to your car and also to your wallet.

The price ranges from low to high depending on each brand and its specification, moreover, accommodates every user.

Those who make use of blow-off valves professionally can choose from highly-priced brands while those who need to satisfy their interests can always opt for low ranged, yet, premium quality products.

Our shortlisted Best blow off valves are from top brands and have satisfied millions of customers worldwide.

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