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Best Wax For Black Cars

Imagine a bright sunny day, a cloudless sky and you driving a sleek, black car as shiny as a mirror. As you turn a corner, heads turn, mouths drop, and eyes pop when people see your vehicle. As gorgeous as new, but then they see the number plate. Wait, it’s such an old model. How is it so shiny, they wonder in awe?

Well, the answer is simple; the best wax for black cars. Apply it to your cars and make them look as stunning, striking and captivating as new. Use our list below to pick the best car wax for your black car and abandon your worries about making an entrance because your vehicle will do it for you.

Best Wax for Black Cars Buyer?s Guide

Wax for Black Cars Buyer?s Guide

Customers usually become clueless on what qualities they need to look for when buying car wax. Many factors need to be considered before purchasing car wax such as:

Style of car wax

It is an essential factor to find a car wax that will best suit your needs. They are of three different sorts for example spray wax, liquid wax paste wax. It is better to watch videos before applying it.

  1. Spray wax should be used when bought. Although they are not durable, they will cover all the spots on your car.
  1. Liquid wax is difficult to use especially if you have no experience in coating the car with wax.
    However, they are very durable and maintain an excellent gloss on your car plus only a small amount is sufficient for your car.
  1. Paste wax is the easiest to use; in less time and effort you can get a professional look with a glossy surface.


Shine is another factor that you can see before buying a car wax because people have different preferences. If you want deepest, wettest shine, then you should buy that car wax that gives incomparable gloss and shine.

Synthetic or Natural Wax

This is another factor to consider because that option should have opted that best serve your needs and choices. There is a big difference between them in terms of price and effectiveness plus it depends on the car you have.


Accessories that match your demands should be in that kit that you want so that you don’t have to look further to complete it. Kits are produced with different facilities that facilitate your requirements, e.g., microfiber towels, cloths, pads, sponges, etc.

Top 15 Car Wax For Black Car Reviews

The list below contains all details of the top picks our experts have chosen.

From those, we have gathered for you the details of each product, their pros, and their cons. All of this lucidity would enable you to choose the best one for yourself.

So here are our top 15 car waxes for your black car.

1. Meguiar’s G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax

Meguiar?s G18216 Liquid Wax can be applied by both hand and a dual action variable speed polisher. This wax wouldn?t stain your non-painted pieces, is easy to apply and wipe off. It has a Hydrophobic Polymer technology which protects your paint. Get a mirror-like shine and incredible depth with this amazing wax on your car whether it has glossy paints or clear coats.

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  • Easy to apply
  • Long-Lasting
  • Water resistant


  • Leaves behind an oily haze

2. CarGuys Liquid Wax – 16 oz Kit

The most significant benefit of this product is that you only need to use it once or twice a year due to its new additives which have made it more durable and long-lasting. It is super easy and quick to apply, wipe off and would provide your car with a glossy and sleek shine. Save hours by getting this efficient product and give your vehicle a mirror-like shine.

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  • A long-lasting and deeper black
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction


  • The surface gets dull fast
  • Leaves white wax traces

3. Meguiar?s Black Wax ? 7 oz

This wax produces a brilliant and glossy sheen on your black paint. It provides a long-lasting, strong gleam with its synthetic polymers. It has a clear coat formula, so you no more need to worry about swirls. You can apply it manually, using a DA Power System G3500 or a DA Polisher. This wax is not made of any dyes or colorants and only includes polishing oils which provide a deep, gorgeous finish.

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  • Clear coat safe
  • Swirl free gloss


  • Minimal water resistant properties
  • Doesn?t act a filter 

4. Maxima 78920 SC1 High Gloss Coating

SC1 can be used on plastic, fiberglass and painted surfaces: definitely on your black car too. It has a fresh smell and provides you with a dry, long-term gleam and shine. This spray is specially designed for the Power sports industry. This spray prevents dirt and mud from sticking to your vehicle. SC1 aims to make your vehicle look better than ever.

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  • Water resistant
  • Makes cleaning up easier


  • Flammable: Not to be sprayed near an open flame
  • Holds up to three to four washes only
  • Can become greasy

5. HD Speed All in One Wax – 16 oz

This is definitely amongst the Best Car Wax available in the market because it is an all in one (a clear coat car polish, a car wax and a sealant). It can be easily applied and removed, protecting the painted surfaces and removing moderate scratches. It is an amazing product for quick paint correction and can easily be applied and removed.

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  • Can?t be used on wood
  • Not an effective AIO
  • Moderate performance 

6. Meguiar’s G18220 Ultimate Liquid Wax

This wax produces a brilliant and glossy sheen on your black paint. It provides a long-lasting, strong gleam with its synthetic polymers. It has a clear coat formula, so you no more need to worry about swirls, and you can easily wax your car in the sun. You can apply it manually, using a DA Power System G3500 or a DA Polisher.

This wax is not made of any dyes or colorants and only includes polishing oils which provide a deep, rich finish and makes your car as shiny as new. This is the best car wax you can find.

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  • Easy application
  • Water resistant
  • Swirl free finish


  • Leaves behind oily hazes and streaks 

7. Turtle Wax T-3KT Black Box Kit

Turtle Wax Black Box Kit includes high performing products:  a 1ea Pre Wax Cleaner and Conditioner (12 oz.), a 1ea Deep Black Carnauba Wax (12 oz.), a 2ea Black Spray Detailers (12 oz.) and 2ea Applicator Pads. All of these can be applied by hand or machine, whichever you prefer.

The pre-cleaner removes abrasions and the wax brings out the deep, vibrant black color of your car. Restore the magnificence of your car with these high-quality products and give it a mirror-like shine.

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  • Gives a stunning shine
  • Long lasting: last for around three months


  • Not suitable for heavy duty jobs
  • Messy even with the applicators
  • Time-consuming

8. Flitz LQ 04587 – 7.6 oz

This is a safe, liquid formula which can be used for cleaning and polishing all metals, fiberglass, plastics, and all painted surfaces. It is an all-purpose polish and cleaner and is an expert in removing oxidation, tarnish, rust, water stains, heat discoloration, lead and power reside and abrasions.

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  • Easy to apply
  • Reasonably priced


  • Cleans and polishes but does not protect

9. McKee’s MK37-650 High Def

This wax is amongst the best car wax for black cars with its thick, dense and creamy texture and its ability to bring back your car?s mirror-like shine. It provides a glossy sheen over your vehicle making it look near to new. It is easy to apply and take off and is durable and long lasting.

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  • Durable UV protection
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Protects against Acid Rain
  • Clear coat safe


  • Does not work well if you don?t clay and polish the vehicle

10. Meguiar’s G17516 Ultimate

This is a spray wax with a hydrophobic polymer which will give your car a deep, luxurious shine making it one of the best car waxes you can find. It protects water beading and can be used on all painted surfaces without leaving any white marks. You can use this spray in direct sunlight on hot surfaces too.

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  • Quick
  • Simple to spray


  • Might be difficult to wipe off 

11. Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat Wax

Looking for a smooth, shiny look for your car? Say no more. Shine armor Quick coat provides a waterless wash with a polished finish through one bottle. It gives a soft finish on any vehicle without affecting the paint by eliminating dirt, grease, and grime with the 3 in 1 formula. Shine Armor can be used on all your rides without damaging the journey and achieving the look you want.

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  • Effective result
  • Money back guarantee
  • Can be used on any ride


  • Smells like clearcoat spray
  • Small bottle compared to the price 

12. Meguiar’s M6332

Flagship Premium Marine is easy to use and offers long last polymer protection with incredible deep gloss to fiberglass. It also helps in reducing small scratches and swirls while protecting the car. Furthermore, it enriches the color and shines while protecting the surface. This wax can only be used with hand or dual action speed polisher to gain better results.

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  • More shine and protection against UV damage
  • Removes scratches, swirls
  • Enriches color


  • Pricey 

13. Turtle Wax T-374KTR – 16 oz

Turtle wax gives a deep shine and provides long-lasting protection. It?s advance polishes, and pigments fill in light scratches and swirl marks. Turtle wax restores the neglected finish and makes the car shine. Who doesn?t like the original showroom finish? Turtle wax restores the original showroom finish and makes your car return to an excellent condition.

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  • Deep shine
  • Easy to use
  • Removes swirl marks


  • Bottle Shape
  • Does not work for scratches deeper than 1/5 human hair 

14. Meguiar’s M10508, 1 Pac

Meguiar?s Mirror glaze compound is great to remove defects, acid rain, and severe holograms. The exclusive micro-abrasive technology leaves the best finish, and this compound is safe to be used on all glossy paint finishes including clear coats. The mixture is only to be applied using hand or a rotary buffer.

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  • Removes acid rain and severe holograms
  • Superior finish


  • Can be only be used with complementary products like a rotary buffer
  • Only for cars 

15. Turtle Wax Jet Black Car Polish

Turtle color magic black car polish is a great product to enhance the color of the car finish. Its Polyurethane enriched formula helps in removing the faded finish and restoring the deep shine with more protection. Turtle color magic polish is suitable for metallic and clear coats and helps restore the showroom finish that everyone wants. The total solution lasts for up to 25 washes and helps in removing swirls and scratches.

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  • Long lasting
  • Polyurethane enriched formula resulting in better result.
  • Showroom finish


  • Suitable for metallic and clear coats only
  • Suitable for Black cars

Frequently Asked Questions

wax for black cars

How often should you wax a black car?

It is suggested that you get your car waxed every six months or at least twice a year, whether you have a black vehicle or a white vehicle. However, having a black car makes waxing it harder as it may require more effort and could consume more time comparatively.

What happens if you don?t wax your car?

Waxing a car means revitalizing your car paint. This makes your car look newer. Waxing your car removes the tiny scratches that cause damage to the car over time. So if you wax your car, your car will look spick and span and your car will have a new look.

Should a new car be waxed?

Yes, you should. You are getting your car waxed means to get a sort of protective layer on top of it which helps against most environmental impacts. It is beneficial too as it gives a reflective layer against the sun rays and a wax layer makes water droplets glide off the car.

Can you put too much wax on a car?

Too much wax on a car may result in a wax build up, though it may only be a myth. However, if you wax your car too much, there is a high chance that it will leave wax traces on the surface of your car paint which will, in turn, be too difficult to remove altogether.

Is hot wax good for your car?

Hot waxing is good for your car as it helps to protect against such environmental impacts; it works more like a protective layer for your car. It protects your car paint, protects your car against absorption, technological advancement and scratches. Lastly, it reduces the cost of refinishing and repairs.

Is it necessary to wax a car?

To protect your car from ultraviolet rays of the sun and environmental impacts, you need to get your car waxed. If your car is waxed, it has a protective layer on top of it which helps get protection from sun exposure and also protects the car paint.

What is the difference between polishing and waxing a car?

Car polish helps in maintaining and enhancing the appearance of the car. The car polish maintains the car paint by removing the dirt and also levels the uneven parts and makes them smooth, whereas waxing a car means to add a protection layer on top of it

Does waxing your car protect the paint?

Waxing your car protects the car from the exposure of the sun and environmental impacts. It offers a layer of protection which helps it get protection and the paint also remains in good condition and helps it stay in a new condition which makes it easier for resale purpose.

Is spray wax bad for your car?

Spray wax is usually underestimated, but they can be very effective in giving your car the perfect sheen that you desire for. It may be a liquid car wax, but contains the same ingredients that other waxes have. It is a great alternative for traditional waxes because of its simplicity.

Do you rinse off car wash wax?

Yes after the car is washed and scrubbed, you rinse off the soap ensuring that no soap remains on the car. If there is some amount of soap left you to remove it by rinsing off your car and then drying it, soap residue will make waxing your vehicle difficult.

Do car washes damage your car?

Getting your car washed is beneficial, though some car washers still use old techniques instead of new and advanced ones. They still use the old cloth and brushes which can scratch your car, hence for a car wash, new technique car washers will be preferred which are the ones that only work on automation.

Will waxing your car remove scratches?

Car wax will only remove mild scratches, it can be buffed first, and then some wax could be applied on the surface. You can check the scratch depth by moving your fingernail back and forth if it gets stuck in the middle, it is too deep to be removed.

Does waxing your car protect it from the sun?

The wax acts as a protection layer for your car. It also prevents dirt and grit from sticking to your vehicle. The wax layer makes it like a protection shield for your car which will help it protect against the ultraviolet rays of the sun and pollution.

Should you wax your car every time you wash it?

After you wash your car, it is necessary for you to apply wax to it as it adds detail to your car and gives it a protective layer. It is also considered to be cheaper, compared to have a ceramic coated vehicle. Wax also offers a glossy effect.

How long does car wash wax last?

Nothing lasts forever other than taxes. The same case in the car wax, it may not last forever and may start to fade off eventually. The factors that affect it is long-lasting include, how it is applied, the environmental factor and last frequency of washing. The duration that is stated is usually 2-4 years.

Final Verdict

With all these detailed product reviews and our buyer?s guide, you are now equipped to make an educated decision to get the best car wax for your beloved car. We hope you choose one of our top fifteen picks!

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