Best Hole Saw Kit For Wood and Metal: Reviews and Buyers Guide

Ever wonder how plumbers, construction workers, and trade professionals can make holes of significantly large sizes on the surface of materials? Well, the answer is simple; they use a hole saw kit.

A hole saw kit is a power tool made up of steel containing annular-shaped blades on a durable edge in the form of teeth. These blades are ideal for cutting a hole through a variety of resilient materials and are incumbent while fixing cabinets, faucets, and pipework.

Best Hole Saw Kit: Our Top Picks

A good-quality hole saw is required to get a perfectly round hole, but there are a lot of options to choose from; in this buyer’s guide, we have compiled the best hole saw kits available in the market to help you choose one for your needs.

1. DeWalt Hole Saw Kit Standard Electrician’s Set

DEWALT Hole Saw Kit, 14-Piece (D180005) , Yellow


DEWALT is a leading company when it comes to power tools and accessories. Their tool kits are easily accessible all over the world, and what makes them stand out the most are their well-explained guides that come with the product and service and repair networks.

The D18002 is a considerable offering for the given price. This product is a bi-metal and wood hole saw kit and delivers neat results without impairing the appearance of the material.

This particular DEWALT hole saw kit is a multipurpose tool with nine different size saws, with tough backplates making it more durable. The different saw sizes give a variety of widths, and the carrying case makes it extremely portable and travel-friendly.

In D18002, the saws are threaded very smoothly, which makes cleaning them effortless. The kit also includes heavy-duty mandrels and extra pilot drill bits. All in all, it is a noteworthy hole saw kit perfect for everyday use.


  • High-quality case.
  • Small and compact.
  • Have-duty materials.
  • Easy to use.


  • Not for robust materials.
  • Heating issue.

2. CRAFTSMAN 7-Piece Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit

CRAFTSMAN Hole Saw Kit, Bi-Metal Set, 7-Piece (CMAH1SET7)


The CRAFTSMAN name guarantees quality and service. This Craftsman 7-piece bi-metal and wood hole saw kit is essential for PVC, wood, and metal cutting applications.

The variety of saw sizes available are more cost-effective than buying individually, and the product is straightforward to use. Hole saws of different sizes are available in this set for occasional use.

The included arbor is sturdy and ensures the durability of this hole saw. This hole saw set is perfect for someone who is trying to venture more into this area.

The price is just what a beginner needs, but the low-cost doesn’t mean that this is an inferior quality product. We ensure that once you set the drill bit in place, this saw kit leaves behind clean round holes.


  • Best price.
  • Quick-change design.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Threaded connecting nuts prevent slipping.


  • Not meant for heavy everyday use.
  • No case included.
  • No metal prongs with the arbor.
  • No secure fit.

3. Milwaukee All Purpose Professional Hole Saw Kit

Milwaukee 49-22-4185 All Purpose Professional Ice Hardened Hole Saw Kit 28 Piece


The Ice hardened hole saw kits from Milwaukee Electric Tool Co-operation is the ultimate choice for professional use. The Milwaukee 49-22-4185 promises 50% more longevity than other hole saw sets coming at the same price.

The construction of Milwaukee 49-22-4185 all-purpose professional saw is from a Matrix II bi-metal, which gives this hole saw kit a razor-sharp precision and faster cutting time. The unique blade design has deeper gullets that remove excess chipping.

A back face attachment is used to reduce stress on the teeth, which helps keep the blade sharp for longer. The plug present in the saw gives it a secure fit. Along with the numerous different attachments, it has space for auxiliary hole saws.

The Ice Hardened Milwaukee 49-22-4185 is an excellent quality hole saw kit. If you are a professional, we recommend getting this because it will cover all your needs.


  • Best range of sizes.
  • High-speed drilling.
  • Secure and portable case.
  • No chewed edges after drilling.


  • The drill handle is not secure.
  • Muddles when attaching a pilot bit.

4. SUNGATOR 14-Piece General Purpose Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit

Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit, SUNGATOR 18-Piece General Purpose 3/4' to 2-1/2' Set with Case. Durable High Speed Steel (HSS). Fast Cut Clean, Smooth and Precise Holes Through Metal, Wood, Plastic, Drywall.


The SUNGATOR 14-piece general-purpose bi-metal hole saw kit is a uniquely designed set. It comes with a hard case, which ensures the safety of the blades. The attachments and materials are firmly fixed on a foam base and do not fall off.

Besides the safe and orderly arrangement of the tools, the bi-metal used for its construction is rustproof with enhanced durability. It also offers advanced heat resistance on extended use.

The blades are sharp and used for cutting wood, metal, plastic, PVC, and drywall. The teeth are high-precision and offer an array of cutting depths.

The locking pins offer a three-point fixation and provide stability while drilling, whereas the slot design is for instant plug removal. The well-made pilot bits give a skate-free drilling experience.

The SUNGATOR general purpose hole saw kit is efficient and one of the best buys for home use.


  • Great price.
  • Metal, wood use.
  • Secure pilot bit.
  • The quick-change drill shaft fits most drill chucks.
  • Made up of hard-wearing materials.


  • Not contractor-grade.
  • Not durable.

5. Bosch 25-Piece Master Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit HB25M

BOSCH 25-Piece Master Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit HB25M


Bosch is all about making tools that help make work smarter and faster. The Bosch HB25M is a 25-piece master bi-metal hole saw kit, which ticks all the boxes when it comes to a superior quality hole saw set.

An immense benefit of this hole saw kit is that it works with all standard and quick-change arbors. The pilot bit is of top-notch quality and snaps right into the mandrel. There is no threading in this model, which prevents the mandrel from seizing.

This drill is mostly used for wood and metal applications. The distinctive bit about this product is that the teeth are of alternating sizes, which makes cutting faster and more precise. A reinforced shoulder is attached for added strength and endurance during the cutting process.

The large variety of arrangements is an added convenience that makes this hole saw kit one of our top recommendations.


  • Well-organized set.
  • Cobalt steel alloy prevents over-heating.


  • Inconsistent application.
  • Slow saw blades.
  • Parts rust easily.

6. Greenlee 660 Kwik 7-Piece

Greenlee - Carbide Cttr, Quick Chge, 6Pc, Hole Making (660)


Greenlee products are always par excellence in terms of quality; although they might offer less at a high price, the value of their products is outstanding.

The Greenlee 660 Kwik 7-piece stainless steel hole saw kit is no less than perfection. It is essential for cutting high-speed steel swiftly and trouble-free. The arbor is efficient and allows changing saws fast with a simple push and turn. Different size drill heads can use one arbor.

The kit includes seven different attachments of varying sizes, and each blade has flanges to prevent over-drilling. The teeth are carbide tipped and offer next-level precision and resistance. A replaceable cobalt-steel pilot drill is also in this set. All products come in a plastic case.

It is the ultimate hole saw kit for metal uses but works just as well on wood and plastic. We recommend using an oil or a lubricant while using this to cut steel.


  • Stainless steel is rustproof.
  • Best multipurpose hole saw kit.
  • Carbide tipped teeth.
  • Quick and smooth cutting.
  • Excellent for professional use.


  • Weights more than regular bi-metal saws.

How to Choose a Hole Saw Kit?

A hole saw is essentially a hole cutter and nothing more, Now that we have information on all the best hole saw kits in the market, it is vital to know which one is right for you.

We agree that all these recommendations might make you feel overwhelmed, but we are here to take charge and help you choose one of the best hole saw kits made just for your needs.

Here are some things you need to go through before buying a hole chain saw.

1. What’s the Largest Size Hole You Need?

The first question you need to ask yourself is what size of hole you need to drill. Hole sizes are essential to know before buying a hole saw; they will help decide whether or not you need a 7 or 10 piece set.

Most people will do fine with a single drill, but if you want variety go for a set that offers multiple hole sizes that includes a saw of 2 inches.

Due to the diverse nature of their work, construction, or trade workers don’t know what challenges they’ll face every day, which is why they need all the tools at hand. For this purpose, we advise you to go for the most diverse kit available or one that has a saw size of 2 inches. The different sizes of saws available in the kit will aid your work.

2. How Often Do You Drill Large Holes?

As we mentioned earlier, knowing how often you are going to use a hole saw matters a lot before buying one. If you are someone who uses hole saws every day, you might have to spend a little extra cash on amazon and get a saw that would last you a long time.

A person who uses a hole saw occasionally for small tasks is better off getting a small bi-metal hole saw set. They get the work done quickly, is an excellent hole cutter, and won’t cost you a lot of money.

Another tip to remember is that saws containing a carbide tooth design are going to resist wear and tear more than other bi-metal saws.

3. Does it Matter What Material the Hole Saw is Made of?

Let us make it simple for you, yes it does matter. When you are buying a hole saw kit, you are paying for the high quality of materials the company uses to make these tools and accessories.

Types of Materials

Hole saws mainly differ in the type of material they are used to cut. In the case of metal, hole saws used for cutting metal or stainless steel sheets are more heavy-duty and temperature resistant. Their teeth are also carbide tipped, and the drill bit is more durable.

As for wood, bi-metal hole saws are the ones that work well. But when using higher quality timber or engineered woods, you will get a cleaner cut from a carbide hole cutter. Carbide also prevents the release of toxic fumes and flames.

Types of Teeth

Hole saws used for cutting glass or ceramic require a saw that has different shaped teeth. Gullet or square teeth saws are used to cut glass and plastic with minimum heat generation.

Whereas; diamond-tipped teeth provide more cutting power for concrete or stone materials. The core drill bits used in diamond-tipped teeth saws are excellent for heavy-duty workloads.

The last type of hole saw material is toothless or coated. These teeth are best for porcelain and masonry use and have a fast-cut hole saw design. These teeth are coated with a hard abrasive material and don’t protrude out like regular hole saws.

4. Drill Chucks and Hole Saw Arbors

A drill chuck is mounted directly on the spindle of the hole saw machine, and an arbor is a double-ended shaft made up of steel, which is required to fix the drill chuck on the saw. Both the drill chuck and the mandrel are a part included in a drill bit in hole saw kits.

It is crucial to choose the correct size of the arbor. Before buying an arbor, it is important to note the size of the drill and the drill chuck. The arbor should be compatible with most drills.

The drill chuck helps keep the arbor secure on the drill and provides a good torque on the teeth of the drill. Flat and hex-shaped drill chucks are always preferred, as they cater to a lot of arbor sizes.

A good tip is to look for quick change arbors; this will make changing saws easy. All the best drills comes with quick-change parts.

It is necessary to replace your mandrel every few years to keep the hole saw in the best possible condition.

5. Warranty

The main advantage of purchasing a high-quality product is that it comes with a warranty. Some people need to feel assured while investing their money in a product; hole saws are not that different either.

It is essential to look for sets that are price best and come with an official warranty. A warranty card will come in handy when you want an instant repair or a quick replacement.

By far, the most extensive repairs and replacement service network is provided by DEWALT. If you want a good-quality metal wood hole saw kit, it is best to consider options that come with an insurance claim or a repair/replacement warranty.

6. Power Source

The best hole saw kit comes with an electrical power source. Someone who is looking to buy hole saws to work as a professional needs to prefer a saw with an electrical power source; this will prove to be more time-efficient.

Another power source of hole saws is through a battery, but this source is not for people with heavy-duty use. A hole saw kit that uses a battery is best included in the tools home improvement category, as there is enough charge to last during small scale work.

We recommend a standard electrician or masonry worker to go for a hole saw kit with an electrical power source; whereas, a battery-powered kit is best for home use particularly for wood.

7. Brand

No matter what anyone says, brands do hold a defined reputation that guarantees quality. It does not matter whether you are buying a hole saw kit or just the drill bit; going for a highly-regarded company that knows what they are doing will get you the best tools and machinery.

We have some authentic and noteworthy brands that are known for producing exceptional quality wood and steel hole saws; these companies include DEWALT, Milwaukee, CRAFTSMAN, Bosch, and Greenlee.

Buying tools from the brands mentioned above will promise an assurance that you are getting one of the best tools in the market

8. Durability

The last thing that you should be aware of before buying hole saws is durability. Although it seems like durability is the most important thing to look for in the best hole saw, it might not be a significant need for everyone.

We’ll explain, someone who is bound to use a hole saw every day needs a durable and reliable one, but someone who uses it for small tasks does not require a strong machine.

 It is evident that higher durability means more reliable materials and a guarantee of a lifetime, but it also means more cash. Our advice to you is to look for options that cater to your workload and are price best.

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All in all, hole saws are a practical and efficient power tool containing annular-shaped blades that are used to cut holes through surfaces. It works on multiple materials such as wood, plastic, steel, and concrete, and is mainly used by construction and trade workers.

Hole saw kits are available in a variety of types such as bi-metal and carbide teeth saws. They use drill bits such as chucks and arbors to maintain speed and heating. These kits are reliable, durable, and for heavy-duty professional use.