Best Miter Saw Stand: 10 Picks and Reviews

You could be using the best miter saw in the world, but if you don’t support it with the right stand, you might be wasting your time. A quick google search spits back an ocean of options for miter saw stands. Choice is great, but it can be difficult to know where to start.

If you’re on the hunt for the best miter saw stand, then you’ve come to the right place. This page will outline some of the most important things to remember when looking for a stand to support your miter saw. Make sure you read to the end, as we also discuss some other things that beginners fail to consider.

This page should help you find the best miter saw stand for the job.

Best Miter Saw Stand: Top Picks

1. Bosch Professional GTA 2500 Gravity Rise Stand

The keywords to remember here are versatility, convenience and portability.

This miter saw stand from Bosch uses “Gravity Rise” technology. This means it takes advantage of the weight of your miter saw to help you when setting up on the job site. This technology can significantly reduce the strain you can experience when working with a miter saw.

The saw mounts on this model are universal, meaning they can accommodate a wide variety of miter saws from different brands. They’re quick and easy to use and release your saw effortlessly when triggered. If your job site has a lot of uneven surfaces, this might be a miter saw stand worth considering.

The adjustable levelling feet on this model maintain stability wherever you’re working. Miter saw stands that can travel with you are always worthy of a recommendation. This product is easy to fold away into a compact footprint making it easy to store when not in use


  • The universal saw mounts are very easy to use
  • This saw stand can handle even the most uneven surfaces
  • Excellent “Gravity Rise” technology


  • This is one of the heavier saw stands on this list

2. Hitachi-UU240F

This heavy duty miter saw stand has a weight capacity of 400 lbs. It accepts up to a 12 inch sliding compound miter saw. This size should prove flexible and accommodating for most requirements. On-the-fly adjustments are a snap thanks to the toolless design of this stand.

The quick release mounting brackets make it easy to set up and detach your miter saw from the stand. If you need support for saws that are vulnerable to surface damage, this is one of the miter saw stands on our list that you should consider. The non-marring rubber feet that this model uses will protect the surface of your miter saw.


  • Impressive weight capacity
  • This is quite a portable option
  • Capacity for even the largest of miter saws


  • This stand doesn’t have the most reliable extending arms

3. DEWALT DWX726 Miter Saw Stand With Wheels

If your job site has a lot of rougher terrain, the wide rubber grip wheels on this miter saw stand won’t disappoint. Mobility from A to B is helped greatly by these wheels. This heavy duty stand has a weight capacity of 300 lbs which should be more than enough for many use cases.

Raising and lowering the position of miter saw stands can be a tiring process. The pneumatic assistance that comes with this stand goes a long way in reducing strain on the user. Over time, heavy lifting can cause serious injury, so this is definitely the kind of feature to look out for.

The durable steel material on this stand should last you a long time.


  • Pneumatic assistance when raising or lowering the stand
  • Grippy, wide rubber wheels for improved mobility


  • It’s a bit on the heavy side

4. BORA Portamate PM-4000 – Heavy Duty Folding Miter Saw Stand

One thing that many beginners don’t consider is comfort. When using a tool like a miter saw, the more comfortable you are, the better your work will be. Some of the best projects take a long time to complete. Why cause unnecessary injury when you could support yourself with a comfortable stand?

The 36-inch height of this stand is what makes it so easy to use. This height allows for an excellent level of comfort when working with your miter saw. The weight capacity here is 500 lbs; this is one of the tougher saw stands on this list. Storage is easy thanks to the snap pin folding legs that are very stable when in use.

This miter saw stand is made from contractor grade materials with a powder coated steel finish. Not all saw stands come with this kind of material. If durability matters to you, then take a look at the link below.


  • Easy setup and storage thanks to the snap pin foldable legs
  • Excellent weight capacity of 500 lbs
  • This stand is one of the toughest on this page with superb support


  • The welding around some holes could be tighter

5. Tomax Miter Saw Stand

This is a lightweight miter saw stand for those who care about portability. The tool mounting brackets offer superb support for your miter saw and won’t let you down. This foldable stand is easy to carry and will make the life of a contractor easy.

One thing worth mentioning is that this saw stand comes with a 2-year guarantee as standard. Stands with extras like this offer great peace of mind to those who value durability. For a saw support that’s easy to carry, consider this offering from Tomax.


  • One of the best lightweight options on this page
  • Easy to adjust on the fly


  • The max height of this stand is quite short

6. DEWALT Miter Saw Stand (DWX723)

No matter what miter saw you use, this stand will be able to support it. The universal design of this model can accommodate any brand you throw at it. The lightweight, 35 lbs construction of this miter saw stand makes it easy to take your work with you.

This is another heavy duty option with one of the highest weight capacities offered by most brands. Any miter saw up to 500 lbs will get excellent support from this stand. Your expensive tool will unmount without a scratch thanks to the non-marring feet that are included with the tool mount system.


  • Won’t leave any marks on the surface of your saw
  • Another great lightweight option


  • Make sure you maintain this stand carefully as some users experience corrosion down the line

7. TACKLIFE Portable Miter Saw Stand

This is one of the best options for those who work outdoors or in damp environments. The anti-rust material on this saw stand will keep your support damage-free for years to come.

This stand comes with toolless assembly and effortless teardown thanks to the convenient folding design and quick release mounting brackets. One of the last things you want when using miter saw stands is for your setup to slip. The feet on this stand offer some of the best stability we’ve ever seen.

For peace of mind, this stand comes with a 2-year warranty as standard.


  • Seriously stable rubber feet
  • 2-year warranty as standard
  • toolless assembly


  • This is another stand that sits fairly low. This can be uncomfortable for some

8. WEN MSA330 Collapsible Rolling Miter Saw Stand

Some of the best saw stands on the market include quality-of-life features that improve your workflow. The three onboard outlets on this stand are an excellent example of this. You’ll be able to power a number of tools right from your miter saw stand.

All WEN miter saws are compatible with this stand. In fact, most saws on the market are covered by this universal design. The collapsible rolling stand brings a welcome boost to portability and the “never-flat” wheels won’t let you down on the toughest of terrains.

The powder-coated finish on the material of this stand means it should last you a long time. This is another option with an excellent 2-year warranty.


  • Made from durable material
  • Three outlets for convenient power


  • The plastic lock handles for locking the miter saw in place could be sturdier

9. Bora Portamate Miter Saw Stand Work Station

Miter saw stands should elevate your work, not restrict it. The workspace on this folding miter saw stand has wings that can fold out to extend your available space considerably. Miter saw stands should be easy to move. The included handle and wheels on this model go a long way in boosting mobility.

Miter saw stands should be versatile. When you’re not using your miter saw, the saw area of this stand reverse flips. This makes it possible to use this support as a planning table and workspace for other projects. The sturdy steel and composite material used for this stand makes it durable and dependable.

A 1-year warranty comes as standard.


  • Versatile design makes the most of your available space
  • Made from tough material that will last
  • Convenient handle and wheels


  • Not the cheapest support on this list

10. ToughBuilt – 10′ Gravity Miter Saw Stand

As you can probably tell from this list, we think the best miter saw stands use universal designs. This offering from ToughBuilt is no exception. This stand can accommodate most brands on the market.

The dependable design on this model folds away effortlessly with or without the miter saw attached. The lock release can be operated below with the press of a foot, meaning you can keep your hands free for more important tasks. The heavy duty steel material used for this product provides excellent levels of strength and support.


  • Super speedy folding action
  • Foot lock release


  • The design isn’t the most ergonomic and comfort may be an issue for taller users

Miter Saw Stand Buying Guide

Do You need to Buy a Miter Saw Stand or Can You Make One?

It’s hard to argue with options that are free or virtually free. It’s still very common for workers to construct on-the-spot saw stands from cheaper materials. This can be a cheap and easy option for those who know what they’re doing. If you’re inexperienced, we definitely don’t advise you build your own stand. Homemade stands also have the following disadvantages:

  • They’re far less portable
  • There’s no way to guarantee that they’re safe or stable enough
  • They often have to be built and torn down on a job site to job site basis

If you’re new to the world of miter saws, a commercial stand is definitely the way to go.

Types of Miter Saw Stands

Traditional Miter Stands

A charming, bare bones option consisting of a solid wooden plank supported by two wooden sawhorses. In some contexts, it’s hard to argue with their simplicity and effectiveness. For many modern consumers though, the lack of additional features and portability can be an issue.

Rail Miter Stands

One of the best miter saw stands for contractors might be a rail miter stand. A popular option in many workshops, these stands are usually made from metal and use portable designs. Most miter saw brands should be compatible with a rail stand.

Clamped crossbars can usually be found on these stands to improve stability.

Tabletop Stands

If you’re looking for a portable miter saw stand, this isn’t the option for you. As the name suggests, these stands are designed to remain stationary on a table in the workshop. If you only need to work in one location, these models offer an excellent level of stability and simplicity.

Wheeled One-Hand Folding Stands

If your work involves working in multiple locations, these are another excellent option. As you may have guessed from the name, these stands are designed to roll on stable wheels. Most good brands can be maneuvered using just the one hand.

A good stand in this category will fold away to a small footprint, making it easy to store away when not in use.

Compound Stands

Compound miter saws feature arms that pivot in either direction for more convenient compound cuts. This means they can take up considerably more space than other models. Most good saw stands offer universal mounting options, but double check your saw’s stats and compare them to the stand you’re considering.

Options that can accommodate compound saws will mention increased capacity and universal mounting options.

Other Things To Consider


The last thing you want to do is waste your money on a stand that isn’t stable enough. Miter saws cost enough money already and damaging your tools by collapsing your stand could really put you out. Consider the following:

  • The weight capacity of your stand. Never overload your stand and make sure you buy a product that can handle your tools.
  • The terrain you’re working on. Are you working on unstable ground? Look for saws with sturdy wheels and adjustable legs that can handle uneven surfaces.
  • The material your stand is made from. Look for sturdy steel or composite constructions.


Consider how portable you need your stand to be. If you only ever work in one place, what’s the point in spending hundreds on a model that emphasizes portability? If you move around a lot, look for options with:

  • Sturdy wheels and comfortable handles
  • Lightweight constructions
  • Foldable designs
  • Adjustable legs

Consider a tabletop stand if you’re only working in one workshop.


The last thing you want is a stand that you can’t rely on. Never buy products that don’t offer consistent levels of durability. Look for the following when buying:

  • Protective coatings that shield from rust and other damage. Over time, external factors like rust can seriously undermine your work station. Protect against them.
  • Materials like steel and strong composites. If your stand is made from flimsy materials, how can you trust it to support your saw?
  • Reviews that highlight good durability. Sites like this one will help you narrow down your search and view reliable options.

Ease of Setup

It’s no secret that setting up can take some time. The quicker this process can become, the better. Look for options that have toolless systems for making adjustments. Other features worth considering include quick-folding legs and convenient adjustment systems.


There’s no such thing as the “best miter saw stand”. The best miter saw stands out there are the ones that fit the niche they’re used in. It’s all about the type of work you do.

We recommend closely considering what you want out of your saw stand. Does portability matter to you? Is your saw super heavy? Are you likely to need constant adjustments? The clearer you are about your requirements, the easier it will be to find the best stand for the job.

Good luck with your search!