Best Right Angle Drill: Cordless, Attachments, and more

Right angle drills are a brilliant addition to a handyman’s toolkit in the right context. They’re specialist tools that make getting to those hard-to-reach spaces so much easier. If you’re working behind beams or other supports, a right angle drill will be a godsend.

While they’re not necessary for all use cases, just a few minutes with one of these tools is enough to convince most people that they’re worth the money. This page explores the ins and outs of right angle drills. We’ve hand picked some of our absolute favorite machines on the market.

For our money, they’re our top picks for the best right angle drill out there.

Best Right Angle Drill – Our Top Picks

If you’re looking for a drill that works well in tight spaces, then you’re in the right place. Read on to see our top picks for best right angle drills. We’ve featured brands with a proven track record for quality, consistency and performance.

1. DEWALT DCD740C1 Cordless Right Angle Drill

Rule of the roost is the DEWALT DCD740C1. This our top choice for the best cordless right angle drill on the market. DEWALT has packed a slew of powerful features into this device that make it well worth the money in our opinion.

The dual speed settings of 0 – 600 RPM and 0 – 2000 RPM on this right angle drill add a considerable amount of versatility to your toolkit. If you’re a carpenter or similar worker who regularly needs to get into hard-to-reach spaces, then this one is well worth considering.

The 20V, Energy Star rated battery on this right angle drill delivers a level of performance that is yet to be beaten on a tool like this. This drill is a feather-weight, tipping the scales to just 3.2 lbs. The comfortable rubber design will give you confidence when working and is built to last.

The variable speed trigger is very easy to operate and the grip is unlikely to cause any strain even when used for prolonged periods. DEWALT is willing to back up its products and offers a 3-year limited warranty with this right angle drill for added peace of mind.


  • A cordless drill with unmatched performance
  • Dual speed settings
  • Three-year limited warranty


  • The included carry bag (rather than a hard case) is a little disappointing

2. Ryobi RAD1801M Right Angle Drill

If you’re working to a budget, then this is probably your best best. This is a no-nonsense, cordless right angle drill that packs plenty of punch into a super-competitive price point.

The compact design of the RAD1801M includes a base that can rotate 180°. This dramatically increases your access to tight spaces. Considerations like this on such an affordable tool deserve a lot of praise. In fact, the design in general is very well executed. Notable features include a built-in magnetic drill bit tray, keyless chuck system, and powerful LED light.

This right angle drill is part of Ryobi’s “ONE+ System”. This means it uses the same battery design as the rest of the “ONE+” range. If you already have some Ryobi tools lying around, this one is well worth picking up.

The electric brake on this right angle drill works very well and keeps you nice and safe when working. Further safety considerations come in the form of the anti-vibration handle that reduces dangerous shake during operation.

With the battery installed, this tool is a little on to heavy side. However, this can actually be a good thing depending on your use case. Increased weight can further reduce vibration and helps the drill feel sturdy in the hand. The extra heft can be leveraged against screws that are entering into tougher materials like hardwood.

The variable speed trigger is well-designed and gives you a comfortable level of control over the speed of your tool.


  • A well thought out design
  • Very affordable
  • Convenient “ONE+ System”


  • It’s a little heavy with the battery installed

3. Makita DDA351Z Cordless Right Angle Drill

This is a great portable option with some fantastic features. The compact, lightweight design of the DDA351Z is refreshingly easy to maneuver into those hard-to-reach spaces. The lithium ion battery is relatively quick to charge and lasts a fairly long time.

This battery delivers an impressive max speed of 1800RPM which is more than enough power for a wide variety of tasks. Bits are effortless to install and remove thanks to the one-handed, keyless adjustment system.

We’re big fans of the design of this one. The button layout is ergonomic and the rubberized build is very comfortable when working. The variable speed settings on this offering from Makita significantly boosts your level of control.

Visibility is a major concern when working with a right angle drill. Reaching into tight spaces means your light level is likely to be quite low. The built-in LED light on this tool is bright enough to maintain a good level of visibility in even the dimmest work environments.

Overall, this is a fantastic cordless right angle drill that represents great value for money.


  • Simple variable speed settings
  • The built-in LED light is bright and powerful
  • Handy keyless chuck system


  • The motor can overheat on tougher materials

4. Right Angle Drill – Milwaukee M18

This is one of our favorite right angle drills and it has more than earned its place on our list. As with any right angle drill that’s worth its salt, this Milwaukee model uses a lightweight and compact design. The 125-inch-lbs of torque on this 90 degree drill mean business and make this a great option for professionals.

As we’re dealing with tight spaces here, it’s worth mentioning that the M18 comes with a multi-position handle for improved access and versatility. The M18 line is well-know for offering users a fantastic level of control over their tools. The electronic clutch on this battery powered right angle drill has 11 settings and modes for precision control over every aspect of your work.

As a general rule, this line of products has a great reputation and regularly makes the list for many of our reviews of power tools. For close quarters drilling with plenty of power, this is one of the best.


  • 11 power settings for ultimate control
  • Plenty of torque for a professional context
  • Convenient multi-position handle


  • The forward/ reverse switch is a little small

5. Right Angle Drill – Bosch PS11 102

BOSCH is a brand well-known for its intelligent electricity systems and quick-adjust tools. This right angle drill is no exception. The drill bit system on the PS11 102 is designed to make bit changes quick and easy. The included inlay on this model is a convenient way to store your spare bits and parts when not in use.

Versatility is the name of the game here. This right angle drill uses a 5-position head that can pivot where you need it to go. Tight spaces are no match for this tool. Articulation is possible at both 90° and 180°. Further flexibility comes from the variable speed settings that make this 90 degree drill suitable for a wide variety of tasks.

This right angle drill delivers 115-inch-lbs of torque and up to 1300 RPM. This is more than enough power for most everyday tasks. The lightweight and compact design of this machine dramatically improves portability for workers on the go.

The PS11 102 is an easy-to-use power tool with a limited 3-year warranty and a 2-year replacement scheme for its battery. Considerations like this are great to have when investing in a new tool like this. Overall, this is our favorite right angle drill for home use. The versatility, convenience and power make it ideal for tasks around the house.


  • Versatile, 5-position head for tight spots
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Great for home use


  • Bare tool: the battery is purchased separately

6. Makita DA3010F Right Angle Drill

This wouldn’t be a list of quality power tools without an offering from Makita. This is one of our favorite right angle drills and it comes with some serious power. This corded right angle drill has a variable speed of 0 – 2400 RPM. Speed control is excellent on the DA3010F thanks to the included paddle switch that effectively prevents over-tightening.

The LED light on this right angle drill offers superior visibility in close quarters. If you’re looking to boost your control even further, you might want to consider the optional soft grip side handle for this model. This significantly increases your leverage when drilling at a 90 degree angle.

Makita has a strong reputation for tools that last. This right angle drill seems to live up the family name. The build quality of this tool is excellent and it should still be with you several years down the road. The body of this drill has been custom made for 90 degree drilling. The head length has been significantly reduced and the tool body is remarkably compact.

Add this to the super light weight of 3.5lbs and you’re dealing with a fantastic right angle drill.


  • Over-tightening protection from the paddle switch
  • The optional side grip works very well
  • Durable build
  • Reduced head length


  • There is no safety switch, so be careful not to activate the tool accidentally

7. DEWALT Compact Right Angle Drill Attachment

If you already have a 1/4-inch impact driver, this attachment is a fantastic budget option. The 1/4-inch hex on this tool from DEWALT attaches onto your existing impact driver for easy 90 degree drilling. DEWALT boasts that this right angle drill attachment delivers best-in-class performance with a stunning front to back compact design.

The magnetic engineering on this tool allows for far greater retention and convenience. The power of your impact driver or cordless drill determines the speed ranges you’ll have available to you. You’ll be working with a level of power you’re already familiar with!

If you’re wondering which impact driver would fit well with a tool like this, check out our Impact Driver List to see some of our favorites.

For right angle drill performance at a fraction of the cost, this drill attachment is well worth a look.


  • Super cheap and works with your existing tools
  • Magnetic, high-retention design
  • Front to back design


  • Only works with longer screwdriver bits. Shorter bits will get stuck!

8. Makita AD02W 90 Degree Angle Drill

This is a well-balanced tool that makes it laughably easy to drill holes at a tricky angle. Makita have a few tools that are great for work in confined spaces and this one is a joy to use.

The ergonomic barrel grip on this angle drill was built with comfort in mind. You’re unlikely to get tired when using this tool even after prolonged periods of use. Both tree huggers and battery life nerds alike will be happy with this drill. The 12V battery has an excellent Energy Star rating for slow, efficient power consumption.

This battery powers a robust motor that delivers a max torque of 100-inch-lbs and a variable speed of 0 – 800 RPM. The driver kit for this model is reasonably equipped. It comes with a sturdy carry case, battery pack, charger, user manual and 90 degree angle drill tool.

This is another reasonably priced model, so compare it to the listing for the Ryobi drill (number 2 on this page) before buying.


  • Well-equipped driver kit
  • Efficient battery design
  • Easy to use


  • The body is a little clunky compared to other options on this list

9. Hitachi DN18DSLP4 Angle Drill

Hitachi recently rebranded its power tools under a new name, Metabo HPT, so you may see this product listed under this name elsewhere. The only thing that’s changed is the name, the performance and features you love are still ready and waiting.

There are plenty of features on this drill that significantly improve its convenience when compared to the competition. For starters, this model comes with an ergonomic side handle as a built-in component of the design. When using a cordless right angle drill, it can be tough to get sufficient purchase to actually drill holes where you need to.

Using a right angle tool like this one with a side grip makes it much easier to drill effectively. Further boosts to versatility include the keyless chuck system that accepts an impressive range of drill bits. Being able to switch drill bits without the use of an additional key can save you a fair bit of headache when working.

A non-essential but nice-to-have feature is the installed belt hook that keeps your drill handy whenever you might need it. Even the most heavy-duty drill is useless if you can’t see what you’re doing. The LED light on this model is perfect for low visibility situations.

Hitachi is willing to outperform the competition with this tool’s support; its lifetime battery warranty is hard to ignore.


  • A slew of convenience features
  • Great lifetime warranty
  • Effective side handle


  • Bare tool: battery purchased separately

10. Angle Drill – Milwaukee FRAD-0

Last, but certainly not least, is the Milwaukee M18FRAD-0 M18 drill. Milwaukee likes to use some confusing marketing terms when describing its power tools, but they usually measure up under the cold light of day. The first jazzy term is “POWERSTATE”. This refers to the brushless motor that powers this drill.

A brushless design allows for better levels of efficiency, temperature regulation and performance than alternatives. The second term to unpack is “REDLINK PLUS”. This time, we’re talking about the protection system that’s built into the machine. This system is designed to prevent overload when working, protecting you and your work pieces.

Last on the list of catchy terms is “QUICK-LOK”. This describes the chuck system that’s super durable and great for quick drill bit changes. These Milwaukee features combine to make a very compelling package. The battery life on this drill is excellent and lasts up to two times longer than some of the competition.

This drill delivers more than enough power for most applications and gets a huge thumbs up from us.


  • Brushless motor design
  • Great overload protection
  • Packs plenty of power


  • It’s pretty heavy at 14 lbs

What are Right Angle Drills Used For?

In short, these tools are designed to do the job of a regular drill in tricky, tight spaces. Using a right angle drill takes a little bit of getting used to but they’re very simple once you get the hang of it. They’re specialized tools which means you’re unlikely to find them in your average Joe’s toolkit.

In the right context, though, a drill like this can be a godsend. Let’s say you’re installing pipes behind a cramped cupboard, or drilling behind pre-installed beams and skirting board. A bulky, traditional drill would drive you crazy or just straight up not work in this situation.

The compact, specialized design of these tools lets them squeeze in where other devices can’t.

Final Thoughts

The best right angle drill is the one that fits your needs. There’s not much point splurging on an expensive cordless right angle drill if you already own an impact driver that would work perfectly with a cheap attachment.

Conversely, if you’re a professional involved with a lot of heavy-duty tasks, you’ll want to consider right angle drills with a torque and feature set that’s appropriate. If you’re in a rush and just want the best right angle drill now we’ve got some quick-and-dirty recommendations in this conclusion. Whichever device you pick, we hope it serves you well!

Best Overall Drill

Number one on our list from DEWALT is our favorite overall drill in this context.

Top Pick Affordability

Number two on this page from Robi delivers absolutely staggering performance considering the price point. The feature set is also ridiculously “premium” compared to the price.

A great runner-up in the budget category is the drill attachment from DEWALT (number 7 on this list).

Top Pick for Home Use

Coming it at number five on this page, this tool from BOSCH combines a friendly price, safety features and convenient design that make it an excellent option for hobbyists