Best Wet Tile Saw: Reviews of Skil, DeWalt, and More

No matter you are a professional mason, or you love to do DIY projects with tiles using a saw, choosing one of the wet tile saw is a nightmare for all. However, when we come to rule out the root cause behind this difficulty, we figured out that this is all because of the competition between the uprising brands. 

Every single brand is claiming itself to be the best one. So, here we have made this task easier by putting forth efforts on in-depth research on the top brands of wet tile saws. Here we have mentioned some of the uprising models with few drawbacks as well. After reading the successive paragraphs, we assure you to get one of the most suitable wet tiles saw for you.

So, please keep your eyes and mind on our article as long you come to fetch all of the knowledge about wet tile saws.

Best Wet Tile Saw-Our Top Ten Picks

1. DEWALT D24000S (Best Wet Tile Saw)

DEWALT Wet Tile Saw with Stand, 10-Inch (D24000S)


Here comes one of the most suitable and trustworthy brand of tile saws, i.e. DEWALT. Once again it brings a reasonable and winner wet tile saw with a foldable stand. You can easily take it alongside while on the move. Also, it will give you more than efficient usage and after results.

Its wonderful 10-inches blades can be sufficient to cut a tile of thickness more than 25 to 28 inches. Along with this, you can effortlessly plunge and 18 inches square or diagonal tile with full accuracy and neatness, all thanks to this beautiful wet tile saw.

Dual water nozzles are accurate enough for this wonderfully created tile saw. You can also remove the front and side attachments; this will prevent the backsplashes to a great extent. Its cut line indicator is the best thing about this wet tile saw. Plus stainless steel robust rollers are accurate enough to give smooth and neat cuts overall.

The error margin is least while using this saw; you may say that that you will get an almost negligible error while cutting an 18-inches tile. Its sturdy stand and strength of its pump are exceptional for every user. It comes with feather lightweight, i.e., 69 pounds. 


  • Foldable stand with rubber top
  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Cutline indicator
  • Compact build-up


  • Comes with a bit confusing manual

2. SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Tile Saw

SKIL 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw - 3540-02


One of the best-wet tiles saw for DIY projects is SKIL 3540-02. This saw comes with a 7-inch blade at the most reasonable price. It makes your wishes about DIY projects come true with its rip fence cutting ability.  This small 7 inches saw will provide you with a capacity to cut more than 18 inches tiles with full accuracy.

A tremendous and accurate miter gauge helps you to get a hundred per cent neat and precise cuts and bevels even for stone and marble. Its top is rust and corrosion-resistant. This will be helpful in clean up and keep your saw intact for a more extended period.

And when you want a budgeted and well-featured saw than there is nothing better than this significantly engineered saw. All of the factors are attractive and fell balanced about it. Also, because of its straight forward construction, it is easier to maintain. This one is only 18 pound which means you can carry along with great ease.

You can also add up a blade of your choice if you are not compatible with the present one. The only drawback about this medially priced small saw is that it can be lagging for your professional usage. Also, you have to keep its blade clean and well maintained to keep it for a long time. It may be a bit noisy than other models of SKIL.


  • Small-sized
  • Compact construction
  • Low price


  • Not for professional usage
  • The motor may jam if not well-maintained
  • A little bit noisy

3. Delta 96-107 Wet Tile Saw

Delta 96-107 7' Cruzer Wet Tile Saw


This wet tile cutter saw is one of the most accurate saw and has a tremendous heavy-duty rail system. You can easily cut large tiles with full neatness. It will never disappoint you.

You will be amazed after knowing about the rip cutting capacity, i.e., 24. It stands on top of its class. You will always get smooth and straight cuts every time. It can be perfect for all craftsmen because of its outstanding 13 amp power rich motor. This will aid you in cutting strong ceramic tiles in seconds.

Its price, size and weight are the features which make it prominent among others. You can carry it alongside easily with its exceptionally lightweight. Not only this; but its rugged construction is also a great point. You can easily cut hard tiles with its diamond cutting wheel and still get neat and perfect results.

You can compare this fantastic saw with those of heavy-duty saws designed to cut inches tiles; all thanks to its extremely robust quality engineering. In addition to this, you can set the dual water nozzles according to your needs without creating over splashes mess. Collectively, this saw is built to last for ages. 


  • Adjustable water nozzles
  • Rugged construction
  • Light-weighted
  • Fairly priced


  • Customer service may be disappointing

4. Porter-Cable PCC780LA 7-Inch Cordless Tile Saw

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX* Wet Tile Saw, Sliding, Table Top, 7-Inch (PCC780LA)


Porter-cable presents all of the crafters with a beautiful product, i.e., PCC780LA. You will not be disappointed on knowing about this excellent quality wet tile saw features. It comes with an on-board miter square. This type of miter will help you to create miter cuts with full neatness. Also, you can make repeatable rip cuts with maximum accuracy and neatness.

It comes with a roll cage, and this will be effective for your carrying purposes and also keep your cutting cart safer. Another noticeable feature includes its splash guard; this is specially designed to keep your tool operator safer from water splashes.

The deck is made entirely using stainless steel, which makes it corrosion free and also holds up to water. Incredible RPM of about 2850 will be perfect for cutting heavy-duty human-made tiles.

Not only this but this technically designed tile saw contains a drain plug which will help you to drain excessive water within minutes. This is considered as the plus point for your saw maintenance.


  • On-board miter square
  • Splash guard included
  • Cheapest saw


  • Can only be best for longer cuts

5. QEP 22650Q 650XT Wet Tile Saw of 7-Inches

QEP 22650Q 650XT 3/4 HP 120-volt Tile Saw for Wet Cutting of Ceramic and Porcelain Tile


Specially designed to cut all sorts of marbles are ceramics this wet tile saw is beast in its class. This 7-inches bladed saw can even cut 14 inches deep tiles and comes with a table tilt for the bevels as well.

Most interestingly it comes with an eight inches extension that will allow you to increase both sides of the table, which one so ever you want. This will be helpful for the mess of larger tiles. Meanwhile, this table also comes with a sturdy construction of steel to bear the weight of tiles.

This great tile saw is said to be perfect for contractors who have to travel from places to places because of its extremely lightweight couples with small size. Not only this, you can easily clean this tool after every usage and store it aside.

You can get this amazingly constructed saw at a fair price, but you have to be conscious about its maintenance because it is not stainless and can be quite noisy as well. So if you are a well-maintained crafter and take care of your products, then this saw is a go-to option overall.


  • Small and portable
  • Fairly priced
  • Comes with an extension


  • Can be a bit noisy
  • It is not stainless

6. Raimondi Gladiator 130 Wet Tile Saw for Professionals

Raimondi Gladiator 130 51' Wet Tile Bridge Saw WSGLA130


An excellent quality saw which comes with an exceptional 110-volt battery. It is specially designed to cut granite, marble and tiles etc. Its 3600 rpm provides you with fully satisfying results on cutting the hard tiles.

It comes with excellent cutting capabilities like rip cut 51, 1/8 in length, and you can also cut diagonally and bevels as well. Along with these miter and plunge cuts are also possible with this multi-purpose saw. Porcelain tiles and stones can also be able to cut using this professional tile saw.

Cast aluminium framework along with sliding capability, you can carry it anywhere with full ease. Not only this but you can also fold the legs of your table, this is a plus point for travelling crafters. Plus a folding blade guard is also a noticeable feature that will keep your blade safer and long-lasting.

Its heavy-duty water pump connects to the front and rear nozzle as well. A polypropylene basin is present will aluminium Rail, Which you can clean in minutes, and your saw will remain intact and fine working for a more extended period. Overall this tile saw is must go for the option.


  • Long-lasting precision ensured
  • Adjustable blade guard available
  • Easy cleaning basin


  • Nothing noticeable

7. SKIL 3550-02 Wet Tile Saw (Best 7 Inch)

Skil 3550-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw with HydroLock Water Containment System


If we talk about possibly one, the perfect wet tile saw for DIY projects in market Skill 3550-02 marks a prominent spot among them. It’s the most reasonable and low price is the best part about it. It makes your wishes about DIY projects come true in just seconds.  This small 7 inches saw will provide you with 3600 RPM of speed and accuracy coupled.

A great and accurate rip fence and miter gauge help you to get hundred per cent neat and precise cuts and bevels. Its top is rust and corrosion resistant that will help you to accommodate with tiles up to 18 inches squares. Another attractive feature of this saw is its hydro lock system for water containment. This will be helpful in clean up and will reduce splashes to a great extent.

And when you want a budgeted and well-featured saw than there is nothing better than this exceptionally engineered saw. All of the factors are attractive and fell balanced about it. You can cut your ceramic tiles with full efficiency, and after that, you can also clean it in minutes. Also, because of its straight forward construction, it is easier to maintain.

You can also add up a blade of your choice if you are not compatible with the present one. The only drawback about this medially priced small saw is that it can be lagging for your professional usage. Also, you have to keep it clean and well-maintained to remain safe from any damage or motor jamming.


  • Small-sized
  • Compact construction
  • Low price
  • Hydro lock system


  • Not for professional usage
  • The motor may jam if not well-maintained

8. MK Diamond 158189-AMZ Wet Tile Saw

MK Diamond 158189-AMZ MK-100 10-Inch 1-1/2HP Tile Saw


Getting a saw with excellent quality motor is the dream of every crafter ever. So, here comes the wet tile saw with monstrous quality motor, i.e., 115 volts. This saw is just one of its kinds; it will not disappoint you from thin to even thick tiles of marble or granite and even stone.

As we are well familiar with the lasting quality blades of MK saws; same is the case here. But if you want a different blade for your tasks you can easily change it. It comes with an excellent cooling system as well which is the plus point of this saw.

It is the saw for professional usage, so it is quiet with a hefty construction and has a have weight. So, you have to be aware before buying it for travel purposes.

You will have to set a water line with it permanently. In addition to this it has a relatively high price so we would recommend it to those who own a proper workplace and need it for professional usage.


  • Pro-quality motor setup
  • Easy changing blades


  • Not portable
  • High price

9. Ridgid R4030s 7-Inches (Best Wet Tile Saw for Thick Tiles)

Ridgid R4030s 7' Tile Saw with Foldable Stand


This superb quality wet tile saw is well known for its quality and accuracy in a hundred percent promising results in cutting rigid and thicker tiles. You can cut even a block of four inches in just two light passes which are more than expectations. It comes with the stand of most straightforward assemble, which will save you time.

It has a removable water tray with about five gallons of water capacity. Plus a rubber splash guard is a noticeable feature of this saw. You will be able to complete your work without any apparent mess. This saw will let you rip cut tiles to diagonal cutting as well.

Most interestingly it has an outstanding sturdy construction which will promise the longer life of this saw. Owners will not have to worry about the over maintenance of this saw because of simple and straightforward structure.

However, the tray is not locking, so there are chances of water spillage which you can count in drawbacks about this saw. But overall, this professional wet tile saw is a worth-buying product.


  • Robust design
  • Rubber splash guard


  • Unlocked tray

10. QEP 61024 BRUTUS Tile Saw for Professionals

QEP 61024 24-Inch BRUTUS Professional Tile Saw with Water Pump and Folding Stand


BRUTUS brings a professional and satisfying wet tile saw for crafters. It contains a heavy-duty and powerful motor of 3450 rpm. It will let you cut toughest marbles and stones with full accuracy and neatness. In addition to this, its blade protecting tilt-up lid makes it a long-lasting saw with great quality blade.

It has a large area table with a rubber upper, which makes non-slip and adds perfection in your work to a great extent.  In addition to this, an additional extension is also available with this table which will be perfect for wrapping up your messy work.

A tremendous quality diamond rim blade which allows creating rip cuts with full perfection and extra neatness. The water tray is made with fiberglass that makes it rust-resistant and easy to clean as well. You can easily cut on different angles by its angle adjustment and also turn into miter cuts quickly.

In total it is the recommended wet tile saw for both professional crafters and DIY enthusiasts as well. It will never disappoint you when working with rigid tiles and stones of granite.


  • Fibreglass tray
  • Robust quality
  • High-quality motor


  • Larger tiles can be challenging to cut.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the best-wet tile saw?

Here are some top-rated brands of best wet tile saw:

What is the best-wet tile saw?

These are some of the top-rated models of wet tile saw:
DeWalt D24000S Wet Tile Saw.
MK-370EXP 7-Inch Wet Cutting Tile Saw.
Porter-Cable PCE980 Wet Tile Saw.
SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw.

What size wet tile saw do I need?

The size of the saw is dependent on the nature of the work you want to do. If you are looking for a professional quality saw, then it must be larger, but for DIY purposes a smaller and less-featured saw will be enough.

Do I need a wet tile saw to cut tile?

If you want to keep your tile cutting experience smooth than yes you want it. The wet tile saw uses a diamond blade which is water-cooled and doesn’t have teeth which cut tiles neatly and smoothly.


After reading this article, you will be able to find the perfect wet tile saw. The most important thing afteryou buy something is your satisfaction. If you are not fully satisfied, then it will be a waste of money. So, to be fully satisfied with your tools; fetch all of the knowledge about products and then go buy any of them.

As we have mentioned all of the essential points in our review, we hope those help you in clearing your mind out and getting one of the best wet tiles saw for you.

However, in our views, if you are a professional crafter then try to go for the saw with heavy-duty motor and rigid construction while being a DIY enthusiast you can also be okay with a smaller and simple saw for tile