Best Worm Drive Saw (Circular): Reviews and a Buyers Guide

A circular power-saw is a vitally important tool predominantly for people employed in construction and trade work. Uncovering the best worm drive saw can prove to be a challenging task, but once you have your hands on the ultimate product, there is nothing but smooth sailing from that point onwards.

A worm drive saw is a hand-held or mounted machine consisting of an abrasive disc with sharp protruding teeth. You have probably seen one without knowing its name. A rotary motor spins around the arbor rotating the saw and used for cutting materials such as wood, plastic, masonry, or metal.

Best Worm Drive Saw: Our Front Runners

Worm drive saws offer better torque and cutting efficiency than regular saws, but they vary a lot in terms of technical design. People might often find themselves lost while purchasing a reliable circular saw for everyday use.

We have prepared this buying guide to find you a model the best worm drive saw that perfectly fits your cutting needs.

1. Bosch 7 Worm Drive Circular Saw CSW41

BOSCH 7-1/4-Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw CSW41, Blue


Bosch is one of the most reliable companies when it comes to tools and home improvement; they have been consistently producing top-notch products that are stout and labor-efficient.

The Bosch CSW41 7-1/4-inch worm drive saw stands up to par with the highest quality products. The magnesium construction of the body gives better comfort and control while working and reduces weariness; it also helps reduce the temperature.

The added ball bearings, left-side blade design, lubrication system, and anti-snag lower guard offer stable and precise cutting, while the powerful motor gives 5300 rpm at only 15-amp power.

The CSW41 circular saw is a lightweight and accurate working tool, which will assist you in cutting materials used in small scale or contractor based tasks. The added multi-function wrench makes it easy to customize and use for a variety of applications.

In short, this is the type of product that doesn’t compromise quality and guarantees lifetime use.


  • Professional use.
  • Excellent design.
  • Customizable.
  • Great price.


  • Non-durable casing.
  • Heavier than SKILSAW.
  • Noisy motor.

2.  SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 Worm Drive Circular Saw

SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 15-Amp 7-1/4-Inch Lightweight Worm Drive Circular Saw , Silver


SKILSAW has been a very trusted brand for a long time; its products are a cult favorite and have a loyal customer base. The top priority of SKILSAW is to provide comfort and durability, and they always deliver.

The SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 is a 15-Amp, 7-1/4-inch worm drive circular saw that is the best buy at the given price. It comes with a lightweight magnesium construction and weighs only 11.5 lbs. It helps reduce fatigue and work more efficiently.

It comes with an advanced cut system with a cut-ready depth, which assists in-depth measurement. The bevel is resistant and spins around a wide-angle to offer a variety of cuts. It can cut off small pieces with the help of an anti-snag lower guard.

SKILSAW also offers a whopping lifetime repair warranty with this product. This is a tool that offers consistent cutting performance and reliability day in and day out.


  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Reliable power and torque.
  • No over-heating.
  • Multipurpose.


  • High-maintenance.
  • Expensive product.

3. DEWALT DWS535 7 Worm Drive Circular Saw

DEWALT DWS535 7 1/4-Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw


DEWALT is an exceptional company when it comes to tools and machinery. It is known for making heavy-duty tools easily accessible to every person; they have incredible prices and don’t compromise on standard.

The DEWALT DWS535 worm drive saw is no exception. It features a lightweight magnesium construction and durable carbide-tipped blades. The body is also covered in a durable magnesium cast and ensures clean and accurate cuts, alongside an extra-wide saw for in-depth cutting.

It is a compact machine, easy to store, but sturdy enough to handle construction works and works at a no-load speed of 4800 rpm. The deep-cut is offered at a 90-degree angle, and the bevel capacity is 53 degrees.

This product comes with a user-friendly spindle lock, which helps with faster blade changes and versatility. The three-year warranty and 90-days return policy makes it the perfect saw for everyone.

This is the only drive saw that can be used easily by someone who is not familiar with professional saws but wants contractor-grade quality work.


  • Heavy-duty work.
  • No noise.
  • Good cutting line indicator.
  • Long cord.


  • Not pre-lubricated.
  • Heavy.
  • Empty gearcase.

4. Makita 5377MG 7-1/4-Inch Hypoid Saw 

Makita 5377MG 7-1/4' Magnesium Hypoid Saw


Makita is a global manufacturer of industrial quality power tools and accessories; they use innovative engineering techniques to make energy-efficient and powerful tools. They have an accommodating replacement and refund policy, which has gained them the trust of many users.

The Makita 5377MG is a 15 amp, 7-1/4-inch lightweight worm drive saw, and is made up of hypoid gears and magnesium components and is comfortable to hold. The power source is a 15 amp motor that delivers 4500 rpm; the compressed winding technology makes the machine more compact and sturdy.

They come with in-built steel gears, which are wear-resistant. The oil bath and fan technology ensure lubrication, while the large rubber one-hand adjustment knobs make it more user-friendly. Alongside numerous benefits, it also has an immense cutting and beveling capacity.

The Makita 5377MG magnesium housing hypoid gears saw is the best product for professional use.


  • Lightweight and tough.
  • Hypoid steel gears.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Oversized ruler markings.
  • Convenient blade changing.


  • No electric brakes.
  • Blunt blade.

5. Makita 5477NB 7-1/4-Inch Hypoid Saw

Makita 5477NB 7-1/4' Hypoid Saw


We all know how Makita has an insane reputation in the professional construction market; this justifies the quality of materials they use to develop machinery and the high cost of their tools. There is no doubt that they have developed the best worm drive saws in the market.

The Makita 5477NB worm drive circular hypoid saw is a pronounced amalgamation of outstanding performance, power, and technology; it is better than all the previous models and made with the sole purpose of everyday usage in mind. The blade size is 7-1/4-inches, which is amazing given that this is a high-powered saw,

This particular model contains heat-treated hypoid saw gears, which makes this drive saw very low-maintenance. It powers through a 15 amp motor, and has easy-to-use functions and a long-lasting battery.

It has a unique ball-bearing construction with hypoid saw gears for increased productivity. The Makita 5477NB 7-1/4-inches  also offers superior cuts and works on a variety of materials; it is the ideal drive saw for many carpenters and farmers.


  • Oil bath technology.
  • Self-lubricating.
  • Constant performance.
  • Carbide-tipped blade.
  • In-built heat vents.


  • Extremely heavy.

6. DEWALT DCS577X1 FLEXVOLT 60V MAX 7-1/4” Worm Style Saw Kit

DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX* Circular Saw Kit, 7-1/4-Inch, Worm Style, 9.0Ah Battery (DCS577X1)


The DEWALT DCS577X1 is a 7-1/4-inch circular saw and is the best buy from this company for all woodwork enthusiasts. It is constructed from a hardcore magnesium shoe, and the innovative brushless motor removes excess fall-out or dust. The FLEXVOLT model can be powered through a 60V source, which is impressive for a saw.

The motor also ensures smooth and precise cutting and does not heat up on a long run time. Built-in electronic brakes help to stop the machine instantly with minimum resistance. There is also an integrated dust blower, which clears the sight of cutting.

Along with in-depth cutting, the beveling capacity and onboard wench is a bonus; this also helps change blades conveniently. Besides all these qualities, the power source of this saw is completely astounding.

It is the best worm drive saw for wood cutting applications.


  • Cordless.
  • Fast charging battery.
  • LED light indicator.
  • Woodwork application.
  • In-built dust blower.


  • High cost.
  • The blower blows dust everywhere.

7. Hitachi C7WDM 7 1/4″ 15-Amp Worm Drive Circular Saw

Hitachi C7WDM 7 1/4' 15-Amp Worm Drive Circular Saw


Hitachi is a world-renowned name in the technology industry; they have renamed their power tool company to Metabo HPT. They offer a wide range of durable and streamlined tools.

The Hitachi C7WDM worm drive saw has a powerful 15 amp motor, which can produce about 5000 rpm. It uses a non-heating forcible power system, which is excellent for rigid materials. The gears in this saw are very reliable and offer clean cuts and long-term operation.

Metabo uses steel for its bevels and adjustment levers; this increases resistance and precision. The saw comes with two extra vpr framing blades and a whopping 5-year warranty.

Although the weight is a little on the heavier side, it delivers first-class performance. We can easily recommend this worm drive saw to someone familiar with its use.


  • Smooth and fast blade.
  • Handle offers reduced vibration.
  • Professional use.
  • Ideal for thick lumber.
  • Steel levers.


  • Needs frequent maintenance.
  • Perishable spindle lock.

8. SKILSAW SPT79-00 15-Amp MEDUSAW Worm Drive Saw For Concrete

SKILSAW SPT79-00 15-Amp Medusaw Worm Drive Saw for Concrete, 7'


SKILSAW is known for making products that fit a diverse range of end-users; they always cater to the needs of people and offer something for everyone. The MEDUSAW is the world’s first fully consolidated saw, it is specifically designed for incising and cutting concrete.

No other worm drive saw can cut concrete smoothly, but the SKILSAW MEDUSAW makes this daunting task effortless and facile. Now you don’t have to worry about rearranging or modifying your old worm drive saw.

This saw has a unique and cut-ready convertible plunge lock and a front revolving pointer for ease. It helps cut along the line and quickly retracts for tight spaces.

There is also a new wet and dry dust management system to remove dust for dry use. For wet use, a hose opening is present in the machine for controlled flow.

The motor is of 15 amp and has a dual field that keeps the saw cool, and the rust and corrosion resistant wench help with longevity. This is a multipurpose saw with a lot of cutting capacity.

The SKILSAW SPT79-00 MEDUSAW is very expensive, but a magnificent and matchless product.


  • Certified product.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Wet/dry use.
  • In-dept cuts.
  • Detailed guide book.
  • Instant dust removal.


  • Hefty weight.
  • High-priced.
  • The guide wheel gets stuck.

Worm Drive Saw vs Circular Saw

The main reason why people should consider investing in a worm drive saw as an alternative to a standard circular saw is that it has remarkably more strength and potential. They are mostly never battery-powered, so it is easy to use and efficient.

The motor of a worm drive saw is placed right at the back the blade, which gives it a higher torque and, in turn, increases the cutting speed. The faster blade speed makes it easier to cut thick and stiff pieces of materials.

The drawback of worm drive saws is that weighs significantly more than other saws, but the added weight gives it more balance. Worm drive saws are more pricey; we think that if you are someone who uses it more often, then it is a well-worth investment.

Buying Guide: Best Worm Drive Circular Saws

Most worm drive saws appear similar on the outside, but several things set these saws apart. It is important to know particular key features before choosing the utmost circular saw for your requirements.

We have compiled all the specific facts you need to know before buying the best worm drive saw.

1. Motor

The motor of a worm drive circular saw is attached behind the blade. Most power tools utilize an AC power supply rather than a charged battery; they utilize a 120-volt motor that can be plugged into standard electrical outlets in our household.

The motor of all worm drive saws mentioned in this article is powered by two worm drive gears at 90 degrees and is very powerful. The gears present near the motor helps it produces more torque and more rotations per minute.

It is significant to know the rotations per minute your motor can produce before buying a saw, as aids in cutting efficiency and overall performance of the saw.

2. Reliability

A worm drive circular saw is an expensive power tool, so before investing a significant amount of money, you need to make sure that it is going to last you for years. If you are between two saws that you really like, choose the one that has a loaded warranty and replacement policy.

A prolonged and helpful warranty at hand ensures the reliability of any product. It is best to look for brands that offer a lifetime warranty alongside a shorter period exchange policy; this is the best way to not commit to certain products and makes it easy to choose.

Buying from trustworthy brands also secures the reliability of your purchase.

3. Visible Cutting Line

A worm drive saw has blades on the left side of the saw, while a regular saw has blades on the right side. Someone who is not familiar with using these types of power tools might not feel anything wrong with the orientation. However, for professionals, this placement assists the visible cutting line.

The cut line visibility is essential to cut straight lines and keep your measurements intact. A saw with one-handed use offers a clear, visible cutting line, which keeps the saw moving the correct pattern.

Always consider your dominant hand before selecting a worm drive saw so that the cut-line visibility does not suffer.

4. Power Source

A worm drive circular saw is usually powered by an electrical source, for heavy-duty work, construction sites often power circular saws by a gasoline engine or a hydraulic motor, which allows the worm drive saw to be worked for long periods.

The power sources other than electricity helps other machines to be fastened with the saw and eliminates the need for a separate energy source.

5. Beveling

Beveling is the inclination that a line makes with another when they are not at right angles. In the case of a worm drive saw, the bevel capacity is a crucial feature.

The bevel capacity of a worm drive circular saw determines the maximum angle of cutting that the saw is able to make reciprocal to a working flat exterior. It helps the saw perform a wide range of tasks with better cutting efficiency.

The saws mentioned in this article have outstanding beveling ability; they offer cuts at more than 45-degrees and up to 65-degrees. The 45-degrees angle helps in making steep cuts that are useful for preparing joints.

6. Housing

A top-in-line worm drive saw needs to have remarkable motor housing; for some people who are not familiar with this term, housing is a type of cover enclosing the electric motors, which is connected to the spindle with the help of gears.

Worm drive saws that come with a die-cast aluminum motor housing are guaranteed to be the best in class; SKILSAW is known for producing saws with a reliable motor housing. But most saws support a rugged magnesium housing because of its lightweight and less-fatigue use.

We recommend going for magnesium motor housing, as it is more user friendly and can be used for hours.

7. Blade Changes and Speed

Predominantly all worm drive saws operate a 7-1/4-inch replaceable blade. The blades of a worm drive saw can easily be replaced or re-sharpened once they are worn out and blunt. The blade of a saw is changed depending on the surface you are working on.

The blade sizes of a worm drive circular saw vary from model to model, some brands offer huge 8-1/2-inch blades while others offer a 10-inch blade. Large blade sizes are great for professionals but can be hectic to change.

We advise you to buy a high-quality blade separately for your saw and change it with the one your saw already comes with, as most pre-attached blades are low-quality.

The blade speed of a saw is also evaluated when buying a worm drive saw; the faster the speed of the blade the cleaner it can cut through materials. Faster blades produce less kick back and don’t heat the motor. The blade speed is a minor difference, but it is worth considering.

A necessary thing to remember is that worm saw blades require lubrication before every use. Any synthetic oil or lubricant will work best for a lot of saws.

8. Maximum Cutting Depth

The cutting depth of a worm drive circular saw can be defined as the deepest cut made by a blade on a work surface. It also calculates the maximum interval of downward protrusion of the blade below the work surface guard.

Saws with larger blades can make deeper cuts. The maximal cutting depth in a worm drive saw; is offered by a massive 8-1/2-inch blade.

The ready depth of cut fairly depends on the type of materials used. It is prime to consider your field of work and the materials you will be cutting before buying a worm drive saw.


A regular circular saw is a cutting tool used for several different materials; many professionals are seen using a worm drive saw for the same purpose. A worm drive saw has a hard-wearing motor housing, which gives it a clear edge over typical circular saws.

The best worm drive saws are powered by a set of gears present at an angle of 90-degrees; this provides the machine with extra torque, which is splendid for long high-stress rip cuts. Worm drive saws have a lot of added weight, but companies have started using substances to make them lighter and comfortable.

We have evaluated all the best worm drive saw in the market and combined the superior ones in a list to assist you with your purchase.

This pick-up guide covers worm drive saws from top-level companies within a wide variety of budgets and attributes, along with tips that will help you choose the quintessential worm drive saw for you.