Can A Soldering Iron Be Used For Wood Burning?

Can a soldering iron be used for wood burning? Wood burning is a creative approach that works well with creating attractive DIY home decor items. You may already have the necessary tool in your toolbox if you have some talent and a scrap or two of wood.

A soldering iron is not required and is not recommended for pyrography. Soldering iron tips, in most cases, are manufactured from copper or steel rather than wood and are not pointed the same way as a wood-burning pen.

A soldering iron used for pyrography will shorten the tips and restrict your potential selection of outcomes. 

Is It Possible To Use A Soldering Iron To Do Wood Burning?

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They heat up between 500 and 800 degrees Fahrenheit and have a variety of tip choices, making them versatile wood-burning tools. Soldering irons are available in a variety of sizes to suit various applications, such as joining sheet metal and soldering electronics. You may need to make modifications or purchase attachments to ensure that it works effectively for you since it was not originally designed for wood burning. 

The most basic adjustment you’ll need to make to your wood-burning soldering iron is to change the tip. The tips on standard soldering irons are either made of iron or copper, and they aren’t designed for detailed lettering or sketching. Fortunately, most come with replaceable tips that may be swapped in a jiffy. 

How To Choose And Tweak The Soldering Iron For Burning Wood 

An iron soldering is a device that’s commonly used to melt the solder and apply it to metals being joined. Soldering irons are available in a variety of configurations for various applications, including electronics soldering and metal joining. For wood-burning, a basic soldering iron or pencil with the greatest control and tiniest tip size will work best.  

The tip of your soldering iron will need to be adjusted in order to use it for wood burning. The majority of basic soldering iron tips are composed of copper or iron and lack the precise shape or edge required for intricate lettering or drawing. Many soldering irons come with replacement tips that may be swapped out quickly. 

Using A Soldering Iron For Woodburning

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By using a soldering iron to create wood-burning art, you may get a start. However, keep in mind that the quality of your work will not be as good as it would be if you used a heat gun or other similar tool. If you want to make use of a soldering iron for sculpting wood burning art, consider taking these short hints before you start:

  1. Find the sharpest tip you can: Irons come in different sizes, and they’re interchangeable. They have replaceable tips, kind of a pyrography pen. Depending on what you’re doing, use sharp and pointed soldering tips to obtain the most control and range of effects.
  2. Make sure your iron is hot enough: The temperature at which your soldering iron heats up varies, so if you have a low-wattage iron, it will take considerably longer for any visible marks to form, so be prepared to wait or use another tool.
  3. Clean the tip regularly: Because soldering iron tips are not created from nichrome the same way wood-burning pens are, ash and wood particles will build upon your iron’s tip rather frequently, preventing you from truly burning the wood. A steel brush can be used to clean the tip.
  4. Test your technique on scrap wood: Use a soldering iron as a wood-burning tool to get less control over the form of your lines, so it’s best to test things on scrap wood before using it on expensive materials.
  5. Replacing the tip when soldering: If you do want to apply a soldering iron for the project pyrography, be sure to change the tip if you want to do any soldering with it because it will oxidize and become unable to wet with solder.

Soldering Iron Vs Wood Burning Tool 

You might be under the impression that a wood-burning tool and a soldering iron are similar since they may both be employed to create wood-burning art, but they are not. To begin with, the equipment is intended for distinct applications. A soldering iron is designed to weld and not burn wood. The materials also burn at very different rates. A soldering iron burns at a lower temperature than wood does. This means that it takes longer for you to heat up and, in some cases, provides results that are not desirable. Wood-burning pens, on the other hand, reach a sufficient temperature quickly and are hot enough to burn wood with.

They’re not only easy to use, but they also have built-in thermometers so you know exactly when the fire is hot enough for the type of wood you’re using. Another difference is that wood-burning tools offer more tip options than other types of stoves. Almost all wood-burning instruments come with a variety of tips, ranging from carving elements and blades to pointed tips for producing high-detailed work. Soldering irons don’t have as many options as soldering irons do, so they can limit your ability to produce excellent detail and accuracy on your projects. Can a soldering iron be used for wood burning?

Using Soldering Irons For Pyrography

Pyrography is not recommended for soldering irons. They’re meant to melt the solder and join connections, after all. The majority of irons feature copper or iron tips that aren’t as sharp as woodburning pens. It does not imply that soldering iron pyrography isn’t feasible; it’s just not suggested.

  • Irons for soldering aren’t as finely detailed as wood stoves.
  • It’s tough to get the desired temperature with wood burning.
  • Soldering irons can’t write crisp words or produce high-quality outlines.


Have you ever thought about using your Weller soldering iron to create wood-burning art? If you know how to use a soldering iron, you can do wood burning with it. If you don’t want to invest in a wood-burning pen, the article has all the helpful hints and pointers on how to make wood-burning artwork successfully if you aren’t yet ready to buy one. If you’re torn between a wood burner and a soldering iron, remember that the former is the optimum option. 

A soldering iron can be used for this, but it won’t give you the best outcomes since it isn’t built specifically for wood burning. To begin with, learn how to use a soldering iron and heat settings for successful wood-burning by studying tip methods and the proper heat settings. You may purchase a high-quality set of woods after becoming an expert.

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