8 Simple Car Upgrades for Best Performance

Tired of your boring drive? Do you feel like missing the old interest in driving? Well, there is nothing to be worried about it.

There is only need of upgrading your driving experience by the involvement of some of upgrading ideas that will certainly upgrade car performance and will leave you awestruck!

These will definitely improve your driving as it did mine and so I recommend you the same.

  1. New Tyres

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This will provide a greater grip on the road surface and will make your driving smooth and pleasurable experience.

With fresh tires, the driving will no longer turn out to be troublesome. Fresh tires will not let one to feel tired during driving but rather enhance the driving experience.

  1. New Spark Plugs

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The spark plug lets any problem or hindrance ahead to be seen from a greater distance away. The old spark plugs get victimized due to wear and tear and so fail to deliver excellent results.

This might become a reason for tyre punctures and many other issues with tyre.

Hence, if you wish to relive your first drive on your new brand car, then the idea of a new spark plug is just what you can wish for.

  1. Engine Control Unit Flash

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It is basically adjusted by manufacturers on a setting that increases the efficiency and the life of a car.

It determines the air-fuel ratio for making the cars efficient but more demanding as less mileage is offered by a considerable amount of fuel consumed.

Hence, controlling ECU on our condition will provide more mileage on less fuel and will upgrade the car performance.

  1. Cold Air Intake

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A fresh breeze of air in the morning that is cold yet comforting holds a great significance in our health.

Just like our health finds cold air its friend, similarly, our car engine also demands for the cold air intake for its better performance.

The car is basically a human-natured machine that is demanding and shares common needs like the one stated above.

Hence, if you really want to make your and the car?s relation to be long-lasting, then the installation of cold air intake is all you wish for.

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  1. Bolt-In A High Flow Exhaust

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Another feature that we and cars do have in common includes the need to let the waste produced exit from the respective bodies.

So to permit an easy outlet to the waste that is produced within the car body, the bolt in a high flow exhaust will be a perfect thing.

It increases the removing process and so, reduces the build-up of pressure. This enables the driver to drive efficiently.

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  1. Bushing Replacement

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Though the bushings replacement won?t benefit you to a greater extent but you will be glad that you have done it as the rubber brushings from the manufacturer gets damaged easily, incurring an additional expenditure.

Thus, it will be a cost-effective idea to do so.

  1. Sway Bar

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If the car turning is not your car?s thing, then get a sway bar installed in your car. It will transform your turns from a hated time to a most lovable moment. It is a must-have for cars.

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  1. Short-Shifter

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This will definitely upgrade the car performance as the distance travelled after applying gear will be reduced and so the distance travelled will be the actual distance the driver was willing to drive, rather than the combination of one he was not willing to.

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  1. Hey Wendell, Really great blog.
    I purchased a brand new car 6 months ago and was planning to make some changes.
    After reading your blog on car performance upgrades, I think I will go with Short-Shifter.


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