Cordless Drill Torque Comparison [2022]

Cordless drill torque comparison. Have you seen an advertisement for a cordless drill capable of delivering 500 foot-pounds of torque? Do you know how much force this drill can handle? In fact, you will not truly understand until you attempt it. That is why we decided to conduct a cordless drill torque comparison.

The goal of this test is to see which cordless drill can withstand difficult tasks such as drilling and screwing. We’ll also look at how these drills stack up in terms of speed and distance.

What Is The Significance Of A Cordless Drill?

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Cordless drills are getting more and more popular, especially among homeowners. Convenience (you can take it with you), speed (you can drill and screw at the same time), and range (before you discover an item you need, you may use it) are some of the most common reasons to utilize a cordless drill.

What Is Torque In A Drill

Torque is a measurement used to express the amount of twisting force that a drill applies in an inch per pound. In-lbs is the term for it, and it’s used for almost every type of drill. The torque of a cordless drill is the most important factor when assessing a drill’s power.

The corded drills are more powerful than the cordless ones when it comes to torque and speed. However, this does not imply that the cordless drills are disadvantaged in comparison with the corded ones. They’re well-known for their simplicity of use and mobility.

What Are The Many Types Of Cordless Drills Available?

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There are numerous distinct types of cordless drills. The following are a few examples: –

Bosch PS32-02

The Bosch PS32-02 is one of three 12-volt general-use drills on the market with a brushless motor. That means the Bosch PS32-02 can generate somewhat more power than if it used a classic “brushed” motor. It also implies that it will run for longer on a charge and have a longer useful life. The Bosch is a popular choice among consumers.

It’s less than half the weight of many heavy-duty drills we tested, weighing in at only 2 pounds. The small pistol-grip design makes it convenient to use but keeps it from standing upright when not in use. The small size makes it easy to get the drill into hard-to-reach spots and features a built-in LED light and bit storage. Bosch cordless drills ranked in the top quartile for dependability and owner happiness, according to data from our member survey.

DeWalt DCD701F2

This 12-volt general-use drill is light enough that changing an overhead light fixture won’t make you tired, but it’s strong enough to bore holes in hardwood without slowing down. A brushless motor delivers just that. The DeWalt DCD701F2 ranks among the top for both power and speed, earning it a CR Best Buy award.

DeWalt DCD991P2

The DeWalt DCD991P2 20-volt heavy-duty brushless is one of our top performers, receiving high scores for power, speed, and run duration. However, owing to its massive 5-amp-hour battery that generates all that energy, this drill is weighty, unbalanced, and somewhat difficult to operate. It is at least 1.5 pounds heavier than other heavy-duty drills and more than twice the weight of some 12-volt versions we’ve tested, weighing in at 4.7 pounds. Unlike most drills in our reviews, this one comes with three speeds, providing a useful middle option for drilling into soft metals like aluminum when the slow speed required for steel is not enough, and the fast speed for wood is excess.

Hilti SFD 2-A

Because of the restrictions imposed by its fixed ΒΌ-inch chuck, the unique Hilti SFD 2-A drill is classified as a light-duty tool. However, if you’re not drilling huge holes, this isn’t an issue. It also costs half as much as many cordless drills with comparable performance while providing reasonable power. The drill’s small 2.2-pound weight reduces strain and fatigue, and the built-in LED light helps illuminate your workspace.

Kobalt KXDD 1424A-03

The compact Kobalt KXDD 1424A-03 earns a CR Best Buy distinction for its performance and low price. This tiny Kobalt KXDD 1424A-03 boasts a stellar reputation for both performance and affordability. The power of drills that cost twice as much is packed into the heavy-duty brushless drill. Keep this in mind that it comes only with a single battery, one needs to buy an extra or suspend tasks while the battery charges.

Ridgid R86116K

Although this brushless Ridgid R86116K is rather bulky and noisy, it is more than enough for drilling into drywall, wood, or other composite materials. If your work is long, you’ll need earplugs and two hands. This model is one of the highest-scoring heavy-duty models in our evaluations under $200. It is also great for sinking screws, thanks to its superb speed and a variety of clutch settings to assist you to avoid hurting fasteners or other equipment. It even has a hammer function and an LED work light, in case you need them. While many 18-volt batteries require hours to fully charge, the battery on this drill charges in just 60 minutes. 

Milwaukee 2805-22

Contractors appreciate Milwaukee for a reason: it produces strong tools with professionals in mind. The Milwaukee 2805-22 drill is no exception. It has a fantastic run time and plenty of power, thanks to the big 4-amp-hour batteries that come included. The weight disadvantage is significant. At 4.8 pounds, it’s among the heftiest on the list, making it ideal for serious use by experienced users only.

Milwaukee 2503-22

If you want a lighter drill with the power of a full-sized model, the Milwaukee 2503-22 is worth considering. It has the power, speed, and run duration of models that are much larger and heavier than it weighs: just 3.2 pounds. It gets excellent ratings for handling owing to its slim battery profile and pistol grip.


In 2022, we’ll look at the torque of various cordless drills. It’s difficult to find high-torque cordless drills in today’s competitive market. Especially for DIYers, woodworkers, homeowners, and garage enthusiasts like you and me who have projects stacked up in our hands.

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