5 Simple Engine Modifications To Improve Performance

Whether you?re auto-obsessed or just wanting to upgrade your car performance, it is difficult to find ways that are inexpensive, easy to install, visibly efficient and also won?t tamper with your car performance in a negatively instead.

And we all know the thrill of soaring speed and the rumbling of great engine power. To understand how that can be made to happen it is necessary to understand how an engine works.

To make your car run faster, it is necessary to make the way your engine works more efficient.

This can be achieved by increasing air intake, making fuel consumption more efficient, making this fuel-air reaction faster or eliminating the things that downgrade your engine?s performance.

The five ways mentioned below employ either one of those strategies:

  1. Air Filters

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Aftermarket air filters block any kind of dust and impurities that may gradually lower performance while allowing for more air into the engine so that air can be combined more efficiently with fuel.

Secondary air filters are made up of thin cotton layer, or other material, in between many layers of mesh that captures impurities.

In comparison to the standard, paper based air filters, high quality aftermarket ones drop into the air box and their installation is complete.

Moreover, they?re washable since they?re made of fabric, thus inexpensive and reusable.

  1. Cut down on the weight

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This is by far the simplest possible option out there. Speed is indirectly proportional to weight- make lightweight object run past heavier ones.

Applying basic physics can get your car to move faster. For this you?d have to replace heavy objects in your car with lighter ones, and we don?t only mean the engine but throughout your vehicle.

There are several things you can switch up. Why keep extra seats if you don?t drive many people around? Plastic or acrylic windows would be better than glass ones.

Minimize parts of your dashboard. Employ disk brakes instead of traditional ones.

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  1. Supercharger

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Understanding the physics behind the supercharger would help one understand its performance.

A supercharger allows entry of air into the engine and then combining it with fuel to increase its amount.

At thrilling speed of 50,000 RPM (even faster than the engine itself), the supercharger spins, powered by a crankshaft belt or chain, forcing air into the combustion chamber.

The more fuel the engine has, the more it can combust to produced energy.

Assuming that everything is installed correctly, 50 perfect more horsepower is produced. An average sized car would show the changes immediately, feeling much larger and powerful.

The best part about this option is that you can do it yourself! Use the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer after bolting it to the top or side of the engine.

  1. Cold Air Intake Kit

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Temperature of the air inside your engine can affect its efficiency, seems like a trivial thing but it?s actually not.

An aftermarket system, the cold air intake kit functions to bring cool air into the internal combustion engine.

A car typically regulates temperature of the air upon its entry into the engine. Thus air is warmed when the engine is cold and cooled when the engine is warm.

Cold air is denser than warm air; therefore it can carry more oxygen needed for dynamic engine combustion.

Cold air intakes employ this principle to increase performance and engine efficiency.

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  1. Performance chips

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An inbuilt computer system regulates mechanisms such as timing, anti-lock brakes and the fuel-to-air ratio in latest model cars.

Consider performance chips as hacks for your computer that can overtake factory settings when installed. They?re perfect for gearheads since they can pump up the engine power and horsepower.

Installation is simple and can be done DIY, get to learn about the car?s electronics and replace your factory chip with the performance chip, analogous to chips in a computer.

This will extend the limits of functioning of your vehicle, like making the engine use gas more efficiently or to take in more air to combust.


We hope we were able to provide you with innovative and simple ideas to upgrade car performance. After all who wouldn?t want their car to function to the best of its capability?

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