17 Essential Car Accessories List That You Must Have

Nothing enhances the collective driving experience more than investing in the right type of accessories.

These essential car accessories, if invested in wisely, are there for the long run. Gone are the days where you have to shop for the same thing repeatedly.

Technology has come a long way. Innovation in the automobile industry has granted us with much-needed car accessories which can enhance the driver experience.

This article presents a list of most useful car accessories that you should try out.

Even though it?s not necessary to get all of them, doing so would reflect nicely in the long run.

Without further ado, here is the car accessories list that we would highly recommend!

  1. Blanket

It is always wise to pack and plan as if preparing for the worst. The prospect of your car is breaking down midway or your batteries giving out is probable, given that you look into the statistical chances.

Hence, to keep yourself warm in situations such as these, it?s best to get a nice and warm blanket and keep it in your car.

  1. Car Cover

Coming across a light layer of dust and sand on your car?s exterior is enough to make your day immediately worse.

Not only reflecting badly, but the car?s exterior is also liable to damage and paint breakdown if it?s exposed to UV rays for long bouts of time.

To keep the threat at bay, always keep a car cover around.

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  1. Comprehensive Tool Kit

You never know when you need to bring out the mechanic in you.

Situations are likely to arise, at one point or another, where you?ll have to get on your knees and get your hands dirty.

In situations like that, it?s good to have a comprehensible tool kit around.

  1. Air Freshener

No one likes to sit in a smelly car. Plus, if you’re driving for quite some time and it?s cold outside, there?s a good chance your car will have a distinct odor that isn?t pleasant for the second person.

An air freshener will ensure that the atmosphere is always fresh.

  1. Steering Wheel Lock

It?s always wise to be safe than sorry. By using a steering wheel lock, you?ll ensure that in the event of a break-in, your car cannot be driven off somewhere.

Furthermore, this will also give you a better sense of security and peace.

You will be able to leave your car parked anywhere without any prevalent worry or concern.

  1. First Aid Kit

Simply speaking, you?ll never know when you might require a first aid kit. Additionally, you never know when the next person might need it.

Keeping a first aid kit with you at all times will enable you to eliminate immediate threats to your well-being, which can be attended to later on.

Furthermore, having a first aid kit in your car makes you a more responsible citizen well-equipped to help out anyone in need.

In the long run, this is a smart decision which is why this is a must-have accessory.

  1. Fire Extinguisher

As mentioned above, it?s better to be safe than sorry. Your car is a mechanical engine that relies heavily on acid, electricity generation, and petrol.

In the unlikely event that your life or the life of others is threatened due to some misconduct or breach of protocol, having a fire extinguisher on hand will help you reduce any immediate threats there are in the vicinity.

  1. Snack Pack

Driving on an empty stomach is always a bad idea. Not only are you more likely to make a bad decision, but there?s also a decent chance that you?ll make rash decisions and endanger those who are on the road.

Keeping a snack pack on hand is something that will routinely give you momentarily relief in long drives.

  1. Seat Cover and Floor Mats

There is nothing classier than investing in keeping your car clean at all times. With seat covers and floor mats, you?ll be doing exactly that.

Seat covers and floor mats help keep the condition of your car just as it was when it was made or bought.

If you want the exterior to reflect how much you care about your vehicle, you cannot go wrong with seat covers and floor mats.

Additionally, they also keep the dust and sand out.

  1. Puncture Repair Kit

Punctures, simply put, are annoying. You never know when the next one will strike. The randomness of this warrants that you should always have a puncture repair kit at hand.

If you?re stranded on the highway or somewhere off-road, there?s a decent chance that there aren?t any mechanics or workshops around.

You?ll have to detail with the problem at hand yourself. Someday, shortly, you?ll thank yourself for that decision.

  1. Tire Inflator and Pressure Gauge

After repairing a puncture in your car, the next thing that you would be required to do is inflate the tire.

Doing so requires a tire inflator and a pressure gauge that ensures that the tire is inflated at a pressure that is appropriate for it.

This works best in conjunction with the accessory mentioned above.

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  1. Parking Sensors/Cameras

Parking sensors and cameras ensure that you don?t hit someone when parking. It?s a normal sight to see new drivers ram their car into a tree or the pavement when parking backward.

Additionally, sensors will also let you know how close you can get to the edge of a parking spot without any damage.

  1. GPS Navigators

No one likes getting lost. A GPS navigator, on the touch of a button, will guide you and let you know where your destination is and what route to take.

Why bother with remembering all the trivial information, when you can rely on an automatic system that updates by the minute.

  1. Trunk Organizer

A trunk organizer will add more discipline into your vehicle. With an organizer, you?re less likely to keep stuff just lying around here and there.

Furthermore, you can designate particular spots to things that you frequently travel with. This will inculcate a habit that will pay back nicely in the long run as well.

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  1. Jumper Cables

The importance of jumper cables cannot be emphasized enough.

There are several innocent moments where we might leave the headlights on, which eventually drain our battery and our vehicle doesn?t start anymore.

In cases such as those, it?s best to have jumper cables around so that you can at least start your vehicle.

  1. Neck Pillow

Driving long distance can take a toll on your neck. Not only is that painful, but the side effects are also likely to stay for a while.

A neck pillow is optimal for rides which go on for more than a few hours. They keep the neck straight and minimize discomfort while driving.

  1. Headlight Restoration Kit

Not having working headlights can leave you with a hefty fine. Additionally, it makes driving ten times harder, especially in the dark.

Hence, if they start acting up, having a headlight restoration kit can help you get them working right back.

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