17 Essentials for Truck Drivers in Road Trips

Out there on the road, there are many things that you need, which you cannot get right away. So, to be on the safe side, you need to keep the essentials Items with you before you hit the road.

If you do manage to secure all the essentials before you pack up and go, you will have what you need when you need it the most.

Otherwise, dealing with an uncalled-for crisis may become impossible.

Of course, there are many different kinds of road trips, and everyone would want a different kind of commodities according to their circumstances, but here is the basic list of professional truck driver accessories that are reasonable enough for every truck driver to carry.

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1. Gloves

Gloves are extremely necessary when dealing with a situation where getting stuff on your hands is disgusting or not good for your skin or health.

So if you are encountered with such a situation, you need to have a pair of disposable gloves which will make it easier for you to handle whatever you come across.

On a road trip, you never know what or when you would need to clean something up, so a pair of gloves might come in handy.

You cannot do without them if you encounter such a scenario.

2. Sunglasses

Why wouldn?t you keep a pair of sunglasses for a day trip? The heat from the sun will damage your eyes, and it will also serve as a hindrance in your driving.

You will have to squint your eyes to be able to to see something, and when you do, it will impair your vision, which is very dangerous, as you have to keep your mind and eyes active while you drive, to avoid any accidents.

3. Hygiene basics

Not maintaining your hygiene during a road trip can have many drastic effects on your health.

You already don?t know what kind of different micro-organisms and disease-carrying bacteria you are being exposed to while moving from one place to another.

If you fail to take care of your hygiene and let these things enter your body one way or another, you are increasing the chance of catching a disease. So make sure to carry a mask, hand sanitizer, and such things with you at all times.

4. Snacks

A hungry stomach will make you very grumpy. Let?s assume you are not able to stop to shop for some snacks, or there is no restaurant around where you can enjoy a hefty meal.

In that case, it very important to pack something with you before you go.

Skipping a meal just due to the availability of food is not good, especially if it is avoidable. Avoid having to go through that by carrying some emergency snacks.

5. Tissue paper

I don?t even need to explain the importance of tissue papers to convince you to keep them. You are going to need them at every point, at every step.

This point right here is just a gentle reminder for you to stack your tissue papers on top of your road trip essentials.

Place a box on your dash to be able to access them even when you are driving.

6. Earplugs

Earplugs are necessary if you want to enjoy some slumber in a no sound environment.

As you know, on a road trip, you might have one or more than one night stays, and you never know what kind of environment you will be forced to sleep in.

If the noise factor causes disturbance for you, you will have disturbed sleep, and you will find yourself driving in a state of slumber the next day.

Which, of course, is very dangerous, as sleepless driving can lead to many accidents. So carry a pair of earplugs for peaceful traveling nights.

7. First aid kit

This may be the most important essential to keep. If you drive for a company, your car may already have one of those.

If it does, you still need to double-check it, too see if it has everything that you might need in an emergency. Because usually, these are quite basic.

Whether or not you have a first aid kit in your car, you need to make sure the kit is fully stocked before you give it a thumbs up.

8. Emergency kit

Like the first aid kit, an emergency kit also needs to be fully stocked before you leave with it.

This kit usually contains flashlight, batteries, bottled water, duct tape, flares, jumper cables, tin snips, canned food, tarp, socks, extra gloves, pliers, a knife, a wrench, pliers and fuses.

These are the things that an emergency kit must contain before you approve it for your road trip.

9. Flashlight

I cannot even begin to emphasize the importance of keeping a flashlight around.

If your road trip is not just a day trip, and if it elongates enough to hold a night or more than one nights, than going without a flashlight is complete madness.

Certainly, at many points, you will need to see in the dark you would have to get out of your car and inspect any hindrance that may have crossed your path.

You might also need that to look inside your car for anything too. Whatever the case, don?t forget to bring that flashlight.

10. LED flashlight

You would need an LED flashlight as a backup source of light.

The batteries of your flashlight may run out, or you might even break it if you drop it from an elevated surface. However, those are not the cases with LED flashlight.

It may not be as strong as a flashlight, but it sure is more durable and does not run out of batteries as early.

It also will not drop and break if it falls, In short, it will serve as a great second option if your flashlight betrays you last minute.

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11. Sleeping bag/blanket and pillow

In case of a night stay. Maybe you won’t find a good hotel nearby; maybe you are not going to reach any civilization for who knows how long, and you are too tired to drive.

In such a case, continuing to drive will be dangerous.

And so, you would have to sleep under the stars. For that, you must carry your sleeping essentials with you.

12. Bad weather gear

Bad weather gear contains trousers, jacket, and smocks. It is designed to serve as an outer shell to your body in case of bad weather.

If you have to move out of your car in case it rains, it will keep you waterproof and will keep the perspiration away from your body, i.e., it is breathable.

Due to its moisture management, it will keep your body at a very comfortable level of dry and warm.

13. Portable toilet

This is for the situations where there are no toilets around, and you are civilized enough to not do your business in the bushes nearby, or if you are a lady truck driver.

So if any of it is the case, keep one with you while you travel.

14. Dash-mounted cell phone holder

When you have to use GPS, it is crazy to go without a dash-mounted cell phone holder. Not to mention, it is very inconvenient as well.

With this holder, you can have your windshield and your phone in the same view.

Without it, you would have to look away from the road every time you want to look at your phone, and that will cause you to shift your vision away from the road.

This may lead to dangerous accidents.

15. Safety Vest

It is a very critical part of safety equipment. It will enhance your visibility in case of an emergency.

If your car breaks down at night, you will not be able to attract anyone?s attention in the dark.

However, if you have such a vest to go around, you can wear it so that the cars that pass you can see you from a distance.

This will increase your chances of getting help in case of a crisis.

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16. Handheld vacuum

It is small, but it is important. A handheld vacuum is a smaller version of a vacuum, used to clean places that are smaller than a house.

Which, of course, means your truck in this context. As I have already mentioned, you don?t know what kind of microorganisms you might be encountering on your journey from a familiar place to a newer area.

So you need to keep cleaning your car now and then, to make sure you are ridding yourself of as many possibilities of catching a disease as possible.

17. Tire air gauge

Car care, as you know, is necessary when it comes to traveling by your car. Before you leave, make sure your car is in tune, get it to a workshop, and get it examined.

Change everything that needs to be changed, repair everything that needs to be repaired. But amidst all this, keep a tire air gauge with you to check the tire pressure wherever you want.

Take care of your tires. You don?t want them bursting in the middle of the road.

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