Top 10 Must Have Modern Car Safety Features

Adding modernity to cars is a common phenomenon around the globe. But with modernity, some of the car companies are concerned with adding some modern car safety features to their cars.

The car becomes reliable and durable for a considerable amount of time. These safety features will prevent from the undesirable incidents such as accidents and other unlikely events that occur due to reckless driving of the drivers these days.

Thus, below are some of the most important safety features which the modern car companies should consider and plan the design of their latest models of the car accordingly.

These features should be set as particular standards worldwide to manufacture the cars according to it.

Following are ten new car safety features to be added as a standard for the latest car companies to take into account.

  1. Run-Off-Road Protection

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This safety precaution is aimed at decreasing the death ratios due to unavoidable crash.

Even the Volvo company has clearly stated in one of their official statement to take the initiative in this regard by announcing to make cars that avoid such circumstances in the near future.

Run-off-road protection is the only solution to these problems. Suddenly, the front seat belts help to keep the passengers intact at their places.

Just then the energy-absorbing device opposes the vertical force. The belts remain tightened while the car is driven.

  1. Automatic Crash Response

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The great problem that occurs due to crash is the speed with which the rescue people arrive on the spot. A minute delay can result in the loss of life of victims.

Thus, to avoid any unfortunate event in the future, the automatic crash response is all that one can ask for.

In such cases, an advisor is sent an exact detail of the location accompanied by the directions. Emergency services will be called to the site.

The system comprises of a 24-hr emergency service through the SOS button. These measures prove to be of immense help and that is what made EU support in its favor rather than against it.

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  1. Autonomous Emergency Braking

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Autonomous Emergency Braking is fed with all the needed information regarding the route, direction and the flow of traffic. It is deeply aware of the potential of a crash to occur.

Initially, it warns the driver verbally or through pictures, then taking charge in the hand it will apply brake if appropriate actions would not be taken.

It reduces the insurance claim by 28%. Around 21% of new cars have this safety feature as a part of them. It is perhaps, one of the greatest innovations in the field of safety of the cars.

It has proven to reduce the deaths by an estimated death of 12286O. Hence, it is one of the most effective safety features known till date after seat belts.

  1. Head-Up Display

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It is also a great step forward towards safe driving. This safety technique involves the abrupt popping up of the information at the head level of the driver, so he only needs to reserve their attention towards front only.

This minimizes any chances of accidents due to not concentrating at the front. The information displayed on it includes momentary speed, traffic signs, navigation instructions, cruise control setting, fuel level, and engine warning lights.

This will make the road safer. Those who kind of avoid it make use of projectors to make on the head level.

  1. Active-Lane Keeping Assist

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It is not the lane departure warning systems that warn the driver to switch the lane. It basically intervenes in the event of an accidental lane departure.

If it is used with adaptive cruise control, the car is driven more safely. On some systems, targeted braking is implemented if necessary.

Use of indicators interrupt the system and so is not like lane departure warning system in another way.

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  1. Blind Spot Detection

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Blind Spot Information System uses cameras beneath the side mirrors to sense the presence of the automobile in either blind spot.

A light is lit to indicate that it is dangerous to change the lane at that very moment. When a vehicle comes from the back, the LED warning signal lights up.

Though, it is not the safest and effective way but still guides you to have a minimum loss of life and of the car.

  1. Cross Traffic Alert

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A life without cross traffic alert is impossible to live if once someone has come across this appealing technology that assures a safe drive with this and a one that you will regret not thinking of having it pretty before.

When reversing out of a parking place, the system takes the assistance of sensors and cameras. All these allow a smooth hassle-free drive without the fear of bumping into someone else?s car by looking for any car in your blind spot.

If a vehicle is detected at your blind spot then a message will be conveyed either pictorially or verbally.

In advance cases, an image of the back is displayed via cameras installed on the bumpers.

This is specifically useful when you find yourself stuck between huge cars like SUVs.

  1. Reverse Cameras

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Parking sensors are quite common and is now seen as an integral part even in the basic cars. Though we do not express it in a loud voice every day we encounter difficulties with parking.

At such hours of difficulty, the ultimate friend turns out to be these parking sensors especially at night when the visibility is minimum.

This feature gives unexpected popularity and fame to SUVs and crossovers. A reverse camera goes a step ahead by making us view the complete video of the back of the car.

Though it cannot be an alternative for full attention it is justified to be referred to be quite a helpful substance especially when a tiny toddler comes in the way that could hardly be seen even by the full attention. This innovation will save their lives.

  1. Bluetooth Connectivity

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Drinking and driving is an offense, and even worse than that is driving and talking as our mind is not capable of getting multiple things done at a single time.

That remains the sole reason for heavily getting penalized for speaking while driving rather than drinking and driving. This also adds disgrace to your driving history.

Bluetooth enabled hands free systems are now many quite common in the latest cars and their designs. Despite the fact that calls for the connectivity solution is to be made compulsory, it is still a choice for the manufacturers to add it or not.

Even aftermarket devices are available at a better cost than the fine for being caught for speaking while driving.

  1. Adaptive Cruise Control

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Cruise control found its origin in 1958 when it was referred by another name that was Auto Pilot on the Chrysler Imperial.

The system permitted a dial in a particular speed on the dashboard attached to an electric motor. This system started with Mercedes and it maintained a pre-set distance behind the car in front with the assistance of radar sensor.

Modern systems also adopt this system by either opting laser or radar to maintain a healthy distance behind the car in front, regardless of the ongoing traffic condition.

Some systems are far more helpful than the other as the one in Audi.

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