8 Must Have Air Compressor Accessories

Air compressors are the device which supplies the air to the different parts of the machine by converting power into potential energy.

Air compressors are the need of the day, in the whole industrial world. It is not only crucial for cars but also to places such as shops, dine-in, houses or workplaces.

Every machine which can get hot quickly.

Air compressors cut the cost of labor, and it requires less time for the application, making it easier and efficient for work.

Accessories for many machines are an integral part of the system; the same goes for the air compressors.

An air compressor without accessories is as useless as a soldier without the weapons.

So any air compressor must have the air compressor accessories, for making it efficient and which costs you less of the money.

Some accessories come with the air compressors machine, and sometimes you need to buy them separately.


  1. Hose

The hose is a nothing technical yet an essential part of the air compressor. The hose is an attachment between the air compressor and the tool.

Many air compressors come with the hose, sometimes with good quality and at some times it comes in low quality, but you should not compromise on the quality and should go for the best air hose for compressor.

Buyers usually go for the extra hose because the hose usually gets the bends which can hinder the air passage and the efficiency of the air compressor, the hose which comes with the air compressor might not be made of the right material, or maybe that is the wrong size.

The hose comes in two types:

  • Recoil hoses:

This type of hose comes with the round bends throughout the length so that it will be easy to stare that hose back.

  • Retractable hoses:

This type of hose is the opposite type than the recoil one. It is straight and can be rolled like a spoof of thread.

  1. Hose Reel

With the hose, there comes a reel. The reel is storage helper with the hose you have. It will protect the hose from damage which can be caused by bends.

Recoil hose still needs the reel for the safe side.

It comes in portables types with the wheels, which usually have a final stand if you want to attach it to the wall so choosing the best air hose reel which makes your work easy and convenient should be your priority.

  1. Air Regulator

To regulate things according to the machine and lower the air pressure, we usually get to need the air regulator so that the air passes according to the requirement.

The regulator lowers the air pressure where the machine can work at it?s best.

  1. Attachment

If someone plans to use an air compressor at some different places with different functions such as a garage or a repair factory, so you might need some compatible tools between the model of the compressor and the tools you are going to use it on.

You should compare the capacity to the need first before going for the investment. When you get satisfied with the capacity, here are some tools you can buy for the attachment purpose:

  • Nail guns are the first and the foremost important tool attachment, it is a need for a variety of specialized applications, like framing the construction, finishing or the woodworks.
  • Blowguns are the tools, which gives the compressors, use. It applies the pressure for drying, removing of dust and cleaning purposes.
  • The drill is the most common tool, won?t only help you in attachment but an air drill is an essential part of your tool kit, and you usually don?t have to worry about the overheating.
  • Paint sprayer and the sander, both are used for making the surface smooth. It is just the timing of the usage; the sander is used before the application of paint for the smoother surface.
  1. Filter

In today?s world, everything comes with at least 0.001 % of impurity. So if you want your compressor to work efficiently, a filter can help you.

But remember, you need to clean it regularly, to avoid any inconvenience.

  1. Oils and lubricant

If your compressor has that type of model which require oil for the operation, so you need to check and change it, once the lifespan of the oil is completed.

Though the air compressor comes with oil, you need to have a spare bottle, so that your compressor work efficiently.

  1. Expansion Tank

If the demand of your compressor is more than the air which is stored n the built-in tank of your compressor, then getting an expansion tank can be a good investment.

It provides extra storage to the compressor and increases efficiency.

  1. Fittings

Tools come in different types, depending on the type of the tool, you are going to apply it on, the fittings and the adaptors become necessary.

They will help the compressor to get attached to the new tool.

Try to keep things in mind like the same material as your air compressor, accurate size and go for the anodized fitting, because they resist the rust.


Many of these accessories come with the air compressor, but many of them are the need of the time.

So you can set your choices according to the need and the budget. But for anything you go for, never compromise the durability and the quality.

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