21 Must Have Jet Ski Accessories

Personal watercraft (PWC) or, as they?re more popularly referred to, jet skis are one of the coolest things any adventure sports enthusiast can own.

Still, buying a jet ski without acquiring these essential accessories is nothing short of an incomplete purchase.

Which is why if you?re looking to go on a jet ski trip this weekend, you will do well to stock up on these must-have jet ski accessories.

1. Waterproof cellphone pouch

This one goes without saying. Our smartphones have slowly but surely become an integral part of our lives, dare I say even an extension of ourselves.

A waterproof cell phone pouch is the most inexpensive way to keep your phone safe from water damage, especially if you accidentally fall in the water, which is a very likely possibility.

2. Waterproof bag

When going on a jet ski ride, you may need to carry quite a lot of things with you, most of which you?ll want to keep dry for obvious reasons.

A dry bag lets you carry anything on your jet ski without letting a single drop of water touch the contents inside, and it comes in a myriad of sizes.

3. Jet ski rack

You?re not going to be holding onto your items with your hands, and carrying a backpack on your back may tire you out while riding.

The only solution is to install a jet ski rack on the back of your PWC and enjoy the impressive capacity the addition provides you.

4. Water cooler

Jet skiing can be a taxing sport, and you?ll very soon be feeling quite thirsty after riding out in the open sun for quite a while.

Use a water cooler stacked on your jet ski rack to have a supply of fresh cool water always on standby when you need it.

5. Bungee dock line

Though the traditional way to tie your watercraft to a dock is using a normal rope, but trading in for a bungee dock line is only a logical step.

These lines are just so much easier to use and are way more durable than your traditional ropes that wear out much sooner.

6. Go Pro camera

Going for extreme sports and NOT recording your exploits?!

Anyone who?s ever used a Go Pro before knows there?s no better way to capture the action from a first-person perspective.

And judging by the water resistance level and picture quality on these devices, this is one purchase you won?t regret.

7. Waterproof speakers

Jamming to your favorite tunes while cruising a lake on your jet ski? It doesn?t get better than this.

But while headphones would be quite cumbersome when riding your jet ski, a waterproof speaker lets you enjoy your tunes without losing sound input from your surroundings.

8. Helmet

Yeah I know, helmets can be pretty annoying and discomfort to wear.

But as with all extreme sports, safety is key, and you could injure yourself quite seriously if you don?t have one on.

Besides who says you can?t look good wearing a helmet?

Just have to buy the right one.

9. Jet ski anchor

Ever wanted to stop right in the middle of the lake on your jet ski?

An anchor lets you do this with great ease and keeps your PWC steady while you snap some great pics.

An anchor?s especially useful when you have to stop, like when you drop something (or someone) in the water for example.

10. Paddle

No matter how careful you are, sometimes you can?t prevent emergencies.

In preparation for these events, it?s nothing short of prudent to have a pedal on hand so that you can row your way back to shore if something goes wrong.

11. Solar Charger

Forgot to charge your phone before leaving for your ski trip?

Don?t waste your time charging it onshore and then going for your ride, use a solar charger to juice up your phone while you enjoy your ride.

Trust us; you don?t want to waste any time when it comes to jet skiing.

12. Goggles

Though some people may be able to deal with water spray when riding our jet ski, most of us are dependent on goggles to maintain visibility while riding a jet ski.

And when you?re riding a PWC at hair raising speeds over deep bodies of water, keeping your eyes open is pretty important.

13. Life jacket

Never go jet skiing without a life jacket on. EVER.

It doesn?t matter how great of a swimmer you are, you can?t play roulette with your life by opting not to wear a life jacket on your jet ski.

You?re only asking for trouble that way.

14. Race collar

Though racing isn?t something, we?d recommend for beginners, for those who?re quite proficient at riding a jet ski a racing collar is a great source of comfort.

It protects your neck when you?re racing at high speeds over water, letting you focus on your race without any distractions.

15. Tow rope & tow tube

Who said jet skiing could only be fun for the person driving the PWC?

One of the best ways to enjoy jet skiing is when you?re towing someone behind you over the water.

And if you?re going to tow someone behind you, you need to invest in a good set of the tow rope and tow tube.

16. Impeller protector

When considering tow sports with your jet ski, it?s a good option to invest in an impeller protector.

This simple accessory protects your PWC?s impeller safe from the tow ropes that can seriously do a number on it after repeated use.

17. Jet ski fender

Though you?re (hopefully) not going to be bumping into any other jet skis when you?re out on the water, jet skis fenders keep your PWC safe from scrapes and scratches when it?s tied to the dock and the waves constantly bump it into the dock edge.

18. Jet ski cover

Just like your car, keeping your jet ski clean is paramount.

After all, you?re the one who?s going to be riding it, and you wouldn?t want to sit on a seat that?s been riddled with seagull poo (an all too common affliction with PWC?s tied at the dock).

A cover is the easiest way to keep it clean and is also the cheapest in the long run if you have the best jet ski covers.

19. Safety lanyard

Just like treadmills in your gym, most jet skis come retrofitted with a safety key system that automatically stops your jet ski if the key is pulled out.

Buying a safety lanyard that connects to this key will automatically pull it out if you fall, which means you won?t have far to swim to your jet ski.

20. Re-boarding ladder

Boarding a jet ski from the water is a harder task than you may realize.

Which is why you?ll be thanking yourself a re-boarding ladder on your jet ski for those rare (or common depending on your skill) moments when you do fall off mid-ride.

21. Wet suit

While wet suits feel overrated and unnecessary at first glance, it pays to wear clothes that don?t absorb water when you fall in the water; swimming in wet, heavy clothes is a very straining task.

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Having the above-mentioned gear will certainly make your jet-ski experience more fun.

If you?re a professional then it will enhance your performance and would help you win more competitions and take your sports a bit-notch up.

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