How To Replace A LED Light Bulb | Most Easiest Way

People usually spend hundreds and thousands to pay the people for just small repairing or replacing things in their house, when it can be done by them quickly.

Replacing led lights?bulbs is one of that task you can do on your own.

LED bulbs not only brighten up your home but they even make 90% the reduction in the electricity bills. LED are long-lasting as well they work up to 50,000 hours approximately.

They come in different size, shapes, and colors. With having so many advantages, it is straightforward to handle or to replace and usually comes with a warranty.

Here are some steps to follow while replacing the LED light bulb:

Step 1:

Check your power supply, whether it is providing the electricity or not. Because their might be a fault in the supply or the wires.

Step 2:

Make sure what shape or type of LED bulb you need.

There are many types of bulbs you may get confused so get help from your local hardware store and take a right one home.

Step 3:

It is an instruction that you should turn off the switch or electricity of that specific bulb.

It is an important step to avoid any electrical hazards. And let it cool before proceeding the replacement.

Step 4:

If the bulbs are placed on some height that you cannot reach without any help.

For that try taking some chair or ladder. It will make it easy and safer for you to work.

Step 5:

Remove the old bulb carefully so it may not get broken. You may need some screwdriver; it entirely depends on the type of the bulb.

It is only needed if the bulb is encased, so you have to remove the casing first.

Step 6:

Read the manual given in the box of the LED bulb because every bulb has its mechanism.

Some can easily be replaced or pulled, but others may need some care or some techniques, do not assume things, or you might get hurt or you my broke that bulb.

Step 7:

Take the new bulb and press the bulb in the same position and move the bulb clockwise. Twist it as far as it can go.

There are some specific instructions for the COB (chip on Board) light bulbs. COB light bulbs are those in which so many LED lights are bonded on chipboard.

For the replacement of COB, you need some tools as well.

  • You may need a soldering iron, diode check modality, and tweezers.
  • Open the bulb and push out the electronic board and check for any physical damage.
  • You can now see two capacitors on that looks like a can is polarized is on DC side and the one is looking like candy is bipolar and is attached to the AC side.
  • LEDs only use power and give light in one direction (DC). They will get damaged if the power supply is another direction.
  • Check the candy looking capacitor and can looking one if it is damaged or not.
  • Now check the defected LED from the board, you can easily tell which is the burnt one by the black spot in the middle of the light.
  • Exert a little electricity to the LED for testing with Diode check modality. It will light the LED up, and you can now easily tell the direction of the current and the difference, between a good and a bad one.
  • Check the direction of the electricity passage. Test it in both the directions so to tell which direction makes it lighten up.
  • Remove the burnt chip.
  • Take the new one and don’t forget to check the directions before use with Diode check modality.
  • Place it in the same direction you removed the previous one from.
  • Use the soldering iron to place the LED on the place. Be careful with it.


Making general replacement can be done at home but if there is some issue with the power supply or the wiring, make sure to get some expert?s help.

You shouldn?t mess with electrical wiring on your own as it might be a risky business. It can put you, your children and pets in harm?s way.

Therefore, try the DIY method that we?ve mentioned and seek guidance for the more complex task.

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