5 Unique Router Projects To Get You Started

Woodworkers have always liked working with router projects. The router may produce a wide range of interesting profiles, which is why it’s such a popular tool among woodworkers. Whether you’re building an intricate profile or making a sequence of profile cuts using basic router bit profiles, the number of profiles that can be applied to a board’s edge is infinite.

If you want to start a woodworking project, the first thing you should do is select one that is appropriate for your experience level or skill. Here are five different router woodworking projects that you can accomplish yourself.

5 Unique Router Projects

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Cutting Boards

Everyone needs to renovate their kitchen from time to time. This project is a must-do for first-time woodworkers. It’s also popular among woodworkers because of its popularity. This kitchen tool, which appears in almost every cooking video on the internet, helps to increase its popularity.

You may be able to produce cutting boards with a variety of designs when utilizing a wood router. The device produces razor-sharp edges, so you may begin by rounding the board’s corners. Then, to make it distinct, you might cut out a groove all around the board.

You can adorn your tabletop with a hardwood board of different hues to give it a distinctive look every time. Maple, cherry, walnut, and teak are some of the greatest choices for hardwoods. These close-grained woods will last longer and maintain your board in excellent shape.

If you are a novice, this carpentry project is an excellent way to get used to more difficult chores. However, before you start, keep in mind that you’ll need appropriate router bits for perfect corners. 

The customization possibilities with this tool are endless and allow you to make any design you want on your board. You can create as many boards as you want to give as gifts or sell, based on the designs you make with the template.

Cabinets And Drawers

Every house needs drawer-style storage. You may conceal knives and other hazardous equipment from table surfaces by making some or your kitchen. Cabinets and drawers can also be utilized for storage in other rooms of the home.

The wood router enables woodworkers to create a wide variety of cutting-edge designs and patterns for these projects. You can make tight components that match the hole with a router. Hinges, for example, maybe made using a router. Most importantly, the instrument will assist you in shaping precise corners.

Edge trimmings are one of the most important aspects when it comes to designing your cabinets and drawers. With this tool, you can get the ideal edges without requiring any expertise or practice. When making the cuts, turn the router counterclockwise, pushing it toward you, which makes working easier.

Rabbets and dadoes are required to make joints in cabinets. With a router, you can easily create these slots.

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Custom Wine Racks

If you don’t have enough wine bottle shelves, consider making your own. A wood router is a necessary tool for adding a beautiful decorative element to your home bar. If you have children and have plenty of space to keep them out of the way, customized wine racks are critical.

It is not difficult to construct a wine rack. You don’t need any special skills or lots of practice to get the ideal edges, much like you can with cabinets and shelves. 

Using a template to save money and time that could have been spent creating the design from scratch is a smart idea. Furthermore, as you gain experience, wood projects like this make it simple to learn how to produce complicated designs.

Picture Frames

A wood router is important for creating decorative molds for your house. For example, a router might be used to turn edges on pieces of wood to produce beveled edges for a picture frame on your walls. The power tool then aids in the shaping of both the interior and exterior boundaries of your frame.

You may alter or replace router bits based on the designs and styles you require for your frame. These bits are useful for making either intricate or simple profiles according to your preferences. The router will produce straight cuts, curved contours, or creative finished edges depending on your preferences.

The depth adjustment ring, which is included with a router, allows you to control how much cutting you do on the frame. It also has high motor speeds that speed up the molding procedure significantly.

This tool’s flexibility allows you to execute a variety of tasks. The frame may be built in any form as needed. As an example, if you’re just getting started, make a basic rectangular frame and then progress to more complicated designs as your skill level improves. The router is useful for recreating the template.

Desk Organizers

Desk organizers, just like chopping boards, are easy wood router projects that you may get started on. The designs are basic and direct, so you will need to have a concept in mind before you start. Furthermore, having a desk organizer makes it easier to organize your office supplies, especially if you work from home.

For this project, you only need a single board, and the first step is to create flawless rounded edges on your piece. After that, you may use a template to carve out the logo and sections for your organizer. Finally, you can use other power tools such as a miter saw to finish this job.

A router with a depth adjustment option may be used to produce distinct cuts based on the requirements you define. The router also enables you to create different patterns by using various router bits.

You can get ideas and images from the internet to help you plan your project if it’s your first time. You may make a template and duplicate the design as many times as you want using that information. 


You can create a list of woodworking projects to do with a router after this lesson. If you follow our suggestions for selecting the ideal project for you, you’ll be able to pick one that is right for you — one that’s simple to map out, put together, and finish using only your lists of materials, tools, drawings, and instructions.

Make a detailed plan before beginning work on it. You must know how to go through every step of the process, from starting with the first cut to set the final nail. A well-planned project has a better chance of going smoothly and ending in satisfaction for you.

The router may be used in a variety of ways; drive the bit into the length of the cut using a plunge router base; make use of a stationary base router to ease the bit into the board’s edge; mount the stationary base router on a router table in reverse and then slide your wood past your bit.

Woodworking is a pleasant pastime, and you will enjoy it more as you gain experience and create amazing things. Make the time to review your work after you’re finished with one project so you can make improvements in the future.

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