Best Table Saw Accessories: 12 Must-Haves

Table saws are powerful cutting tools. Any worker worth their salt knows how versatile they can be. If you’re a new customer, you might be tempted to splurge on a table saw without considering the accessories you might need. Don’t! The additional parts that are available can be just as important as the tool itself.

A good hobbyist gets the best out of their tools. This means using the right saw accessories. This page explores the variety of saw table accessories available and why you might find them useful. We explore the different parts of a table saw so that you can make the most of your new tool.

We’ll also outline some recommendations for brands that may be worth your hard-earned money. Saw accessories aren’t all made equal, and that’s why we’ve made some curated recommendations here. There’s no point buying a product if it doesn’t represent good value for money!

The Best Table Saw Accessories: the Right Parts for the Job

1. Table Saw Miter Gauge

When it comes to making accurate cuts at a set angle, a miter gauge is an essential table saw accessory. These accessories help you get the cuts you need by holding your workpiece at a set angle. They slide into the miter slot of the table, so they’re always there when you need them.

If you’re a new customer, it might be worth considering a product with a Vernier scale. A Vernier scale is a premium miter gauge feature that gives you the precise control you want over your angles. A good quality miter gauge with this feature can help you set angles at tenth-of-a-degree increments. This is a staggering level of precision.

If you need complete control over the angle of your cut, consider the miter gauge below.

One of the first things we noticed about this table saw accessory was how accurate it is straight out of the box. The factory calibration here is excellent and means that you’re unlikely to see any discrepancies when making adjustments.

The premium vernier scale and limited lifetime warranty add extra value to an already compelling package. If you’re looking to buy a new table saw miter gauge, this one is definitely worth considering.


  • Vernier scale for fast, hyper-accurate adjustments
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Premium build quality


  • Set-up takes longer than we’d like
  • The nylon screw can strip if not well maintained

2. Miter Sleds

This is a product that makes crosscuts safe, precise, and easy. If you’re new to woodworking, you may find it difficult to produce accurate right-angle cuts without a miter sled. These are moveable tools that slot into the side of your table saw. A fence at the front of the sled prevents your workpiece from slipping. This helps you get the crosscuts you need.

If you’re considering just using the fence that came with your table saw to make right angle cuts, stop. We can tell you now that this isn’t the right approach. With such a small surface making contact with the fence, the potential for the workpiece to twist and hit you with kickback is much higher. This is the last thing you want when working.

For us, the miter sled to buy is this offering from Rockler. This is a table saw accessory that can get going immediately with no adjustments necessary. The high-impact polycarbonate construction on this saw accessory ensures durability and low-friction sliding.

The adjustable nylon pins included with this shed mean you’ll be able to find a fit on the miter track that’s just right.


  • Durable design with low-friction sliding
  • The nylon pins make it easy to get the right fit


  • It doesn’t come with its own hex key. You’ll need to provide one yourself.

3. Table Saw Jigs

These are accessories that help you get the most out of your saw. In spite of their power and versatility, table saws often end up doing boring ripping tasks and not much else. A good table saw jig will make it easy to perform more challenging tasks without risking your safety.

One thing you’ll need to consider when working with a table saw is the amount of debris you’re going to be dealing with. This can be irritating dust that makes it difficult to see, or it can be chunks of material the size of bullets! If you add the right jig to your kit, you’ll be able to protect yourself.

By slotting into the table of your saw, a jig can provide a protective screen that shields you from dust and chunks of material. One other application for this table saw accessory is to protect your fingers when making crosscuts. Depending on the jig you use, you can easily maneuver your cutting material without coming close to the blade.

Another excellent application of jigs is making box joints. If you need a product that can produce excellent box and finger joints, the I-Box Jig from INCRA is probably the best option out there. This phenomenal accessory is quick and easy to set up  and can make great fitting joints with any width blade.

The unique design and adjustment settings on this tool make it easy to create more complex joints to bind your wooden pieces together. If you need a table saw that can produce excellent box joints, this is the jig to buy.


  • Set-up is quick and easy
  • Can produce an excellent variety of different box joints
  • This tool is very safe to use


  • Getting full use out of this jig might involve a learning curve for complete beginners

4. Table Saw Stands

Wherever you’re working with your saw, you’ll need a stable surface to place it on. If you need a saw that can travel with you, then you may need to add a portable saw stand to your kit. More traditional, stationary stands can be made for free or cheaply at home.

It’s worth cautioning though, that this isn’t the best way to ensure a safe, stable base for your tools. If you’re in search of accessories that can boost your saw’s portability, you’ll want to consider a commercial stand. If you always have the base you need, you’ll always be a step ahead.

This product from POWERTEC is an excellent option. This foldable stand is there when you need it and tucked away safely when you don’t. Setting up your station is quick and easy, and the hassle-free breakdown design means finishing up for the day will be just as simple.

The impressive maximum load of 330 lbs and the mobile high-traction wheels make this a table saw accessory worth considering on your search.


  • Excellent weight capacity and stable design
  • Compact layout that can fold away with the table saw attached
  • Universal construction can accommodate a wide variety of saws


  • The stable design will add some weight to your kit

5. Featherboard

Table saw accessories that keep you safe when working are always worth a mention.

Keeping your workpieces flat against the surface of your table saw is important if you want to get the most accurate cuts. The last thing you want to do is get your fingers anywhere near a rotating blade. For this reason, you should add a featherboard to your list of table saw accessories to buy.

The purpose of these accessories is to apply pressure against the material you’re cutting, keeping it flush against the surface of the table. With a featherboard in your kit, you’re much less likely to risk injury when keeping your pieces steady.

In our opinion, one of the best featherboards money can buy is the Milescraft 1406. The unique design of this accessory maintains a much higher level of tension than other models. This keeps your cutting piece more consistently where it needs to be: flush with the table.

The included adjustment knobs are ergonomically designed and the affordable price point is hard to ignore. For our money, this is the product to buy.


  • Friendly price tag
  • Provides a consistent level of tension across your cutting piece


  • Some adjustments can be a little fiddly, in spite of the ergonomic knobs

6. Outfeed Roller System

Increased capacity is what these table saw accessories offer. A good outfeed roller system provides a reliable, smooth surface for your cutting pieces, giving you more space to fit in larger materials. Beginners often buy a new saw and then get frustrated when trying to force big sheets of material through their tool.

These accessories make this process much safer, more accurate and easier. Before you buy, consider the maximum length of material you’re likely to cut. Search for outfeed roller systems that fit your size requirements.

If you’re unsure of which system to add to your table saw, we think the SUPERMAX expandable conveyor is hard to beat. The adjustable height and length make this a versatile table saw accessory. This roller system can handle an impressive maximum length of 50 inches and a maximum height of 36 inches.

If you’re on a search for table saw accessories that can boost your saw’s capacity, this product is worth considering.


  • The product footprint is remarkably compact when folded away
  • The adjustable size settings add a welcome level of versatility
  • Durable, nickel-plated rollers


  • Adjusting the height can be time consuming

7. Safety Switch

A table saw is a fantastic tool for enthusiasts and professionals, but it’s important to stay safe when working. The number of table saw related injuries per year is increasing. This is why you should add a safety switch to your set-up.

These table saw accessories make tools much safer by providing a quick, simple method of stopping the blade. The moment you want your saw to stop spinning, hit the large part of your switch to make things safe again.

Unfortunately, safety doesn’t come for free. The good news is that this offering from POWERTEC won’t break the bank. This table saw safety switch has an oversized, bright red stop paddle that guarantees you’ll successfully make contact when you really need to. This versatile switch can fit both deep and standard gang boxes.


  • Affordable price tag
  • Can fit deeper gang boxes with the included adapter ring


  • The contacts inside can become vulnerable to dust

8. Pushblocks

Some novice workers might not place pushblocks high on their list of table saw accessories to buy. All it takes is one nasty case of kickback to change their mind.

These tools add significantly to the safety of your set-up. They help you safely move your workpiece towards your blade without ever compromising your fingers or arms. With a good pushblock, it’s much less likely that kickback will occur.

Some more experienced workers make their own for free from spare materials, but this is only worth considering if you’re confident you know what you’re doing. There are a number of options available when considering which pushblock to buy.

Push pads use one or more handles and a pad that move cutting material along the table of your saw. Push blocks are normally made from a chunky block of wood with a hook at the back that grips the work piece. In our opinion, the best tools in this category combine the benefits of both push pads and push blocks. This leads us to the GRR-RIPPER.

This pushblock uses an adjustable base which allows it to comfortably straddle the blade of your table saw. This Microjig product offers “3-directional force”. What this means is that your level of control will be significantly higher than with other options. For our money, this is the right one to buy.


  • The sturdy design significantly reduces kickback
  • The proprietary high-grip material is surprisingly strong


  • This tool doesn’t come pre-assembled and you’ll have to build it yourself

9. Link Belts

When working with tools like table saws, vibration can become a serious issue. It can reduce your accuracy and cause injury over prolonged periods of time. Parts of the table saw that most commonly cause vibration are loose screws, older motors and the belt that’s driving your blade.

Link belts are table saw accessories that can make your saw “vibration proof”. By replacing the belt that came with your table saw with a more modern link belt, you’ll be boosting your productivity, efficiency and safety.

The durable polyurethane and polyester construction of this link belt will keep your saw moving for years to come. It’s a breeze to install and performs superbly in reducing vibration and noise. The 5ft length on this belt should be suitable for most tools, but check the user manual for your saw before you buy.


  • Super easy installation
  • Makes your table saw “vibration proof”


  • It can be tricky to set the right tension with some saws

10. Zero-Clearance Inserts

This is one of the most important table saw accessories you can buy. They make it far less likely that tear-out will occur when making cuts. They achieve this by fitting over the blade and closing the gap on your saw’s metal insert. This is what is meant by “zero clearance”.

These tools provide an extra level of protection for the blade well. When making rip cuts, chunks of material can fall down the well and cause dangerous kickback. Table saw accessories like these make it much less likely that material will get stuck. They’re a must for keeping your table saw safe.

Make sure your table saw fits the insert you’re considering.

The Amazon page for this offering from LEECRAFT has a handy model checker. Just type in the model number of your machine to make sure it’s a good fit. This insert stands out for a number of reasons. The durable phenolic material can stand up to the toughest of tasks and the coated surface of this accessory allows for wonderful friction-free operation.

The instructions included with the box for this insert are refreshingly easy to follow. Feel free to search elsewhere, but we think this is the best option available.


  • Durable and reliable design
  • The coated surface dramatically reduces friction


  • Not the best option for making beveled cuts

11. Dado Blade

The blade is one of the parts to a table saw that defines the work you’re able to do. One product to consider is a good dado blade.

These accessories are great for cutting grooves, or “dadoes”, into wooden pieces. They’re circular blades that carve out the lines you’ll need for slotted woodworking projects. Stacked dado sets involve two or more blades that are added or removed as required to achieve the right thickness of groove.

It’s a good idea to get a dado blade made with a carbide blend or tips. This can greatly improve the durability and performance of your product.

This product from Freud comes with a premium coating that reduces unwanted build up on the blade. This allows for smoother, cleaner grooves every time. The carbide blend used for this dado blade boosts durability and performance considerably.


  • Produces superbly clean and smooth grooves
  • Quick and easy set-up


  • The hole for the arbor is quite tight
  • Not the cheapest dado blade on the market

12. Angle Gauge

Woodworking projects involve taking an exhausting number of measurements. The length of your cutting piece, the thickness of your board, the list goes on. One of the most important measurements you’ll be making as a woodworker is angle measurements.

Table saw accessories that take accurate, quick angle measurements are a must when setting up your kit. Being off by even a fraction of a degree can seriously mess up your furniture builds. A digital angle gauge can take the hassle out of making accurate measurements.

With a digital gauge, the margin for human error is reduced considerably thanks to their automatic operation. We recommend picking one up for use with your table saw.

This sturdy little tool will be a welcome addition to your kit. The handy hold feature means it’s easy to “freeze” measurements until you’re ready for them later. The battery life on this particular model is excellent and won’t slow you up with constant battery changes.

This tool comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year replacement warranty, so you can add it to your collection with peace of mind.


  • Excellent battery life
  • Lightning-fast measurements
  • Handy “freeze” feature for using measurements later


  • The screen is a little difficult to read in bright environments



Whether it’s a larger fence for safer cuts, a modern belt for “vibration proof” cuts, or staying safe when working, there’s a mountain of accessory options out there to suit your needs. All of the items on this list are additions that we think are well worthwhile.

However, we understand that it’s often necessary to prioritize according to your budget. Think in as much detail as possible about the type of work you’re hoping to achieve with your table saw. The clearer you are about your requirements, the easier it will be to pick the right accessories for your projects.

Whatever you’re working on, we wish you luck on your search!