12 Must Have Tools Every Man Should Have in His Toolbox

Imagine your girlfriend asking you to fix a dresser or your kid asking you to fix their bike, but you don?t have the required tools.

It is very important to have the right tools for the right job at the right moment. The biggest question you would be asking yourself at this precise moment is what tools should I have?

The article below is the answer to this question. We will be discussing the twelve tools that you should be having in your toolbox.

This list incorporates most of the tools every man should have in their daily routine.

  1. Claw Hammer

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A decent and strong claw hammer can be utilized for driving nails into wood. Moreover, it can also be utilized for breaking small objects. A claw hammer can be used for almost anything.

The best claw hammer in your toolbox should weight approximately 16 ounces. It’s sufficiently heavy for most fundamental repairing needs in your home, however sufficiently light for you to lift it up and carry around without much of a problem.

Make sure that the handle of the hammer is not wooden, or else it will break easily.

  1. Flathead Screwdriver

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A flathead screwdriver has a solitary blade that fits into the single space of a flathead screw. That?s the reason why it is called a flathead screwdriver.

If you observe, you will see that many of the furniture and other objects include a flat head screw. Apart from driving in flat head screws, a flat head screwdriver can also be used for other purposes.

These purposes include scrapping, nudging or prying. Be assured that the electricity is turned off if you are using a flat head screwdriver to pry out a bulb from its socket.

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  1. Phillips Screwdriver

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This screwdriver was invented by Henry F. Phillips in 1936 which is why it is called a Phillips Screwdriver.

As opposed to a flat head screwdriver, a Phillips Screwdriver has a four-point star head.

Due to this design, this screwdriver can apply a higher mount of torque on the screw to open it.

It is recommended to have a Phillips screwdriver along with a flat head one.

  1. Tape Measure

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Whether you are making anything from the scratch or doing the repair work, a tape measure should always be a part of your tool box.

The tape measure should at least be 6 feet long and retractable for easy storage. This tape measure can come in handy in many different situations.

  1. Crescent Wrench

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As compared to other tools, you will be using this tool the most. A crescent wrench is multifunctional and can easily provide functionality of fifty (50) different wrenches.

This wrench has sliding jaw which can be adjusted according to the size of the nut or bolt. Make sure to have this wrench in your toolbox.

  1. Socket Wrench (aka the ratchet)

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After the Crescent wrench, comes the socket wrench. When you have to perform loosening and tightening of many nuts, this wrench will easily do the job.

This wrench will allow you to loosen or tighten the nut without removing the wrench.

It comes with some extenders and some sockets so that it can work perfectly with different sized nuts and bolts.

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  1. Vise Grip (locking) Pliers

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These pliers are named vise grip because they can be locked in one position. These can come in handy when you need an extra pair of hands.

The locking mechanism either requires one hand or two hands to unlock the pliers. These pliers are multifunctional and can serve many different purposes.

These purposes include the pliers being used as a clamp, wire cutter, a ratchet, a pipe wrench, adjustable wrench or simply as pliers.

  1. Needle Nose Pliers

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Another important tool to have in your toolbox along with vise grip pliers is needle nose pliers.

These pliers are handy for regular house hold chores such as to grip, cut, bend or strip wires.

This tool can be really efficient in reaching the nooks and crannies that are hard to access.

  1. Cordless Drill and Bits

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A cordless tool along with the bits is a must have tool in your toolbox. In order to perform small drilling tasks or driving screws, this tool can come in very handy.

The higher the battery capacity is, the more efficient a cordless drill is. The battery capacity is measured by the voltage rating of the tool.

Normally, a cordless drill with voltage rating of 18 volts will be sufficient to perform the daily tasks.

While purchasing a cordless drill, make sure that it has some extra features, such as reversible feature and multiple speed options.

This tool can serve many different purposes when required.

  1. Crosscut Saw

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A craftsman or an artist can never be considered complete without a crosscut saw in his toolkit.

This saw can be very useful with wood. It can even cut the branches of trees. This saw works against the wood grains to cut it into pieces.

If your construction or repairing involves a lot of wood work, then this tool should definitely be a part of your toolbox.

  1. Level

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How would you feel if the picture that you hung, or the stool that you made is out of balance?

You definitely won?t be feeling good and it will also put a question mark on your craftsmanship.

To save yourself from such an unforeseen scenario, always make sure to have a level in your toolbox. There are many levels available in the market that ensure the accuracy by using lasers.

Moreover, there are levels available with an air bubble in it to provide preciseness and last, but not the least, there are many level apps also available on android and apple platform.

  1. Utility Knife

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A utility knife might not be a very exciting tool to have but it can be used for many different purposes.

To perform all the minor scraping and cutting tasks, a utility knife a utility knife will always be there to save the day.

Make it a part of your toolbox to complete your multifunctional and versatile toolbox.

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