What is A Buzz Saw? – Power Tool Basics

There are a lot of saws that we have in the market right now. However, the most popular power tool when it comes to cutting materials is definitely the buzz saw. The reason for this is that it’s very easy to use, portable, and can do a wide range of cuts. And when it comes to circular saws, there’re a few kinds and they all have their own pros and cons. In this article, we’ll discuss all the things you need to know about buzz saw!

What Is A Buzz Saw?

A buzz saw is a type of power tool that’s been around for many years. The specific kind of circular saw can weigh more than a hundred pounds and it makes use of a round blade to cut through materials, mainly metals and wood.

Every circular saw works in the same manner with most of them being electric. They’re designed to be extremely portable and they have a long blade that spins at over ten thousand RPMs. This spinning motion actually allows them to cut through materials that are placed on top of their base using a special kind of clamp.

This type of power tool is amazingly effective at cutting through metal and wood which makes them quite popular among industrial workers. The power they produce can easily cut through metals with ease, even thick stone materials which are harder than steel itself!

The Main Parts Of A Buzz Saw

These are the parts that we’ll discuss today to help you understand how this powerful tool works. Some of these parts are actually the same for all types of circular saws while some only apply to buzz saws. So here they are:

Reduction Gear Assembly

This is located under the upper blade guard and it’s connected to the main shaft. This assembly has a cone-shaped part that meshes with another one in order to reduce the high speed to a slower speed. The gear is also designed with two sets of bevel gears in order to change the direction in which the blade spins when it’s tilted.

Upper Blade Guard

This part is the largest of all the components mentioned in this article so far. It’s designed to protect you from any kind of incident that might happen during operation, especially accidents where your hand may get near the blade itself. The upper blade guard actually has two parts; one is for keeping your fingers away from the blade while the other one is used to secure it in place when it’s lowered.

Blade Guard Assembly

This part is located at the very bottom of the power tool and its main function is to cover up the entire saw blade for protection purposes. It also serves as a base that helps in stabilizing the power tool during cutting operations. In many cases, the upper blade guard is attached to this part which usually makes them move together to cover up the saw blade.

Main Handle / Trigger Grip

In order to let you have total control over this power tool, manufacturers have added the main handle to it. This part is usually located near the front part of the circular saw and it provides a good grip for you to hold onto while operating your tool. It’s connected via a pivot point or through friction construction to the upper handle where it pivots up and down during operation.

Lower Handle / Switch Assembly

The lower handle is also known as the switch assembly because it’s where you’ll find the power switch of the circular saw. This part is usually attached to the main handle by a thick wire or hose which connects it to the body of your power tool. It has a wavy, curved surface and it’s designed to be used by your fingers when changing its position.

Main Shaft / Axis Of The Blade Assembly

This is the center of the power tool and it has one purpose; which is to spin the circular saw blade rapidly in order for it to perform its cutting function. It also holds the gear reduction assembly with two bevel gears which are used to change the direction of the spinning blade. It also has a small hole that is used for attaching the blade guard assembly to it.

How to Cut Wood Using a Buzz Saw

buzz saw

Like all types of circular saws, a buzz saw can also cut through different materials using a set of guidelines. Here are the steps that you should follow when cutting wood or other related products:

1. Apply enough pressure on the base plate to secure it in place and make sure that the blade doesn’t touch any objects as it rotates.

2. Bring the blade down so it touches the wood piece. Once you hear a vibrating sound or feel any kind of resistance, move your power tool away from the edge of the material so it won’t get cut by accident.

3. Slowly lower the blade guard up to your materials which will split them apart using its spinning blade.

4. Lower the blade guard and then pull out the wood piece that you just cut with your power saw. Voila! You’re done!

Final Thoughts

Buzz saws are great tools to use if you want to make a quick cut on wood or other related products. Circular saws are designed to perform different cutting tasks but there’s no denying that the buzz saw is one of the most dangerous of all. And this is because it can cut through thick materials in just a few seconds, making them an ideal choice for construction sites. As long as you follow the instructions mentioned above, you can be sure that your circular saw will perform well and produce accurate results over time.

An important thing that you should always remember when operating your power tool is to make sure that your blade is secure in place before you use it. Also, make sure to follow these safety guidelines for maximum protection when using a buzz saw.